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Jon’s Mossy Garden Hairpin Leg Table

Custom made hairpin leg furniture brings out beauty as you see it; it gives you the opportunity to create what you love. Jon’s moss garden kitchen table is a perfect example! This is an amazing table! Jon says,

I thought I would send you a picture of your wonderful legs on the table I designed. They look great. I wanted a moss garden kitchen table, and came up with an idea of adding the tiny LEDs to simulate fireflies at night. I am super happy with how it turned out.

We’re very impressed Jon! This is a truly unique table that expresses the creator. It is so satisfying to know our hairpin legs are helping folks create such masterpieces! One reason we make such durable legs is so customers feel confident their creations will be solidly supported. Our hairpin legs come in a choice of diameters: 3/8-inch, ½-inch, or 5/8-inch steel rod. That’s right, they are made of steel rod which makes them extremely durable. They also have a solid pad to bolt or screw to the underside of your tabletop.

Your custom creation will be sturdily held up. The wide variety of height choices we offer ensures whatever height you want your table; you don’t have to sacrifice tabletop dimensions. Our hairpin legs are available in even inch sizes from 4-inches to 30-inches. Simply calculating the overall height, you want the table and then subtracting the height of your tabletop to get your hairpin leg height! Thank you Jon for sharing this amazing table. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

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Wormy Maple and Walnut Table with Square Bar Hairpin Legs

Rob at Naked Aspen Designs built this stunning hairpin leg table for Karen. The craftsmanship is just beautiful. The tabletop is made from wormy maple and surrounded by walnut. Nice combination! Using two different types of wood for a tabletop offers added visual interest. The darker walnut framing nicely contrasts with the light maple and highlights the darker markings within the maple.

maple and walnut table with hairpin legsThe choice of hairpin leg was excellent on this table as well. They solidly support the table while keeping the limelight on the craftsmanship where it belongs. Of the many styles of hairpin legs we offer, Rob used the square bar hairpin legs. They look great with this table. The square bar affords a very versatile look. They can be rustic or dress up a classy table. They certainly are able to rise to the occasion. When you put as much effort into a project as Rob clearly has, you want your table legs to perform exactly as needed. Our style and size options ensure that will happen.

Having a table at the right height can be one of the most important aspects of its construction. We offer any size in even increments from 4” to 30” in height. Whether you’re making a coffee table or taller one like this, you’ll get exactly what works for you. Once you know what height you want your hairpin legs, you get to choose the style that works for you. We certainly can’t choose favorites between our hairpin legs – but you can! Let us know what your favorites are!

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Kevin’s Angle Iron Table Leg Stairway Landing Table

Tapered angle iron table legs – as well as our other metal legs – offer a great option for small spaces. If you’re making a custom table, you get to decide just how many legs you need and how much space you’d like to use. Four table legs may be standard, but there is no reason to stick to that number. Customers have used more than four legs for long tables and we also have customers that have customized their furniture to use fewer than four metal legs.

Building a triangular table for example, perfectly accommodates three hairpin legs. For particularly small or specialized spaces in your home, fewer than three may be ideal. Supporting part of the table against a wall can be an excellent space-saving method. That is exactly what Kevin did with this beautiful stairway landing table.

kevins table with angle iron table legs

Kevin decided to cleat the table in the back and use our angle iron metal legs in the front. This is a perfect use of space! The angle iron legs complete the sleek efficient look this table creates. Our hairpin legs do that as well. Choosing a style of hairpin legs that works best with your table is fun!

french cleat example

Our Just the Tip hairpin legs are a great choice of hairpin leg that would also work perfectly in this application. But you needn’t be limited by our suggestions – check out all of our hairpin leg styles to see what you like. We have also seen our bench supports used in this type of application. Attaching one side of a table to the wall, your table can be supported by one bench support on the other end. The possibilities are endless. We just love seeing they ways folks come up with great custom furniture that meets the needs of unique spaces!

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Bastogne Walnut Table with Custom Metal Bench Legs

Bastogne walnut is a type of walnut wood originating from a hybrid of the black and English walnuts. Though the trees produce few walnuts, the wood grows faster and stronger than either of its parents – thus its other name, Paradox Walnut. It is often used for making gun stocks as the hard wood and closed pores can absorb shock without damage. As you can see it makes a beautiful piece of furniture as well!

bastogne walnut table with custom bench legs

Mike at Wood Shed Production in Issaquah, WA made this beautiful console table. Mike requested a set of custom metal bench legs for this table. What’s the difference between made to order metal legs and custom made metal legs? All of the hairpin legs and bench legs we offer on our website are made to order – we make each pair just for you and they can take into account any of the needs your project may have.

The metal bench legs we offer are available in two styles – flat bar and tube steel. Both are available in 15-inches tall, the standard bench height. But what if you really want something that varies from our array of metal legs? That is where custom metal legs come in. If you have a project that you think would work best with a custom made set of metal legs, just let us know. Chances are, if it’s made of metal, we can make it! That is how Mike got these metal legs for this console table. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll let you know what we can come up with!

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Robert’s Mulberry Wood Piece with Hairpin Table Legs

Mulberry trees may illicit memories of childhood rhymes, but we may not all have had the opportunity to see one. They can be a tall growing tree, but are not known for their trunk size. Mulberry trees are rarely grown or harvested commercially for their wood. If you’re lucky enough to have access to mulberry wood, you’re in for a treat. This wood has a lot of natural luster, and is certainly going to be one of a kind.

mulberry slab table with hairpin table legs

Robert made this gorgeous hairpin leg table from a slab of Ohio mulberry. Choosing hair pin legs to complete this table was perfect! The simplicity of the hairpin legs creates a sturdy table that keeps the focus on the uniqueness of the tabletop itself. Robert chose 16-inch Twist hairpin table legs. Our different styles of hairpin legs allow each user and table to have what works best. Robert kept many aspects of the natural wood intact adding to the distinctive qualities. Amazing piece Robert, nicely done!

Local sawmills will often have slab wood available for purchase for this type of project. If you’re in the position to have one of your own trees milled into slab wood, sawmills will often do that as well. Check out the options in your area so you know what you have to work with. Pairing the hairpin table leg style, diameter, and height is fun! The dark aspects of Roberts table blend perfectly with the hairpin legs. It all comes together so perfectly! We’d love to see what you come up with for your hairpin leg project!

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Bob’s Pine Slab Coffee Table with Bench Legs

Last week we highlighted a bench made with our metal bench legs. But as we like to say, bench legs need not be confined to benches. Here is a beautiful table Bob made using our bench legs. We’ve seen bench legs chosen for all kinds of modern furniture leg applications; dining room tables, desks, benches, and coffee tables.

We really like what Bob did with this table. As you can see, the live edge of the wood was kept intact. This always ads character (or should we say, keeps the character). In Bob’s words:

We think they look great with the pine slab that we purchased, removed the bark, sanded for 2 weeks, and finished using your custom legs.

Nicely done, Bob! Purchasing a slab of wood provides a lot of options for your custom made bench leg or hairpin leg table. Slab wood typically maintains more original characteristics of the tree itself. This gives you more options to work with when creating the table that works for you. Some folks like to keep the irregularities in the wood to highlight its unique qualities. But of course you can always plane it and shape it down to create the size and dimensions that work for your DIY project.

We offer two styles of bench legs, flat bar and tube steel legs, and if you think bench legs might be the right modern furniture leg for your next DIY project, get in touch, we’re ready to make sure you get the perfect hardware for your piece.

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Crystal’s DIY Project with Metal Bench Legs

There is more than one way to attach metal legs to your DIY furniture project. Working with wood can make the project easier, but you’ll still face some hardware questions. We’ve seen customers screw, bolt, or even glue our metal lets to their furniture tops. Crystal chose to use bolts and put them right through the top of the bench itself. This certainly ensures stability, but it also adds character and style to the bench. Nicely done, Crystal!

bench with tube steel bench legs and bolt thru top

We’re glad she was happy with the legs. Here’s what she had to say:

Legs even got here early! Easily stained a wood top and screwed it on. Saved 100’s!!!

We’re glad to hear it! Crystal makes a great point about saving money. Making your own furniture is fun and gives you a finished product customized to your home and your preferences, but it can also save you a ton of money.

You’ll save money by buying your hairpin legs or bench legs from a professional leg maker, but you can also save when you’re looking for wood for your DIY furniture project. Whether looking for a tabletop for a hairpin leg table or a bench top for benches like Crystal’s, there are lots of options. A local hardware store will have lumber easily transformed into a table or bench top. Local sawmills are also a great resource. Look around to see if you have one in your area. Often times they are able to make custom cuts for you and can be a great source for live edge wood. And of course reclaimed wood is always a great option. Whether sourcing pallets or repurposing wood from another life, reclaimed wood imparts its past life into your new piece. So check out our hairpin leg and bench leg options and send us a pic of the great projects you come up with!

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Nicole’s Wet Bar with Short Hairpin Legs

Nicole gave new life to her family heirloom. This wet bar is sturdy and stylish with a new set of hairpin legs…all while keeping with the style of the piece. Nicole already had this beautiful wet bar in her family:

My mother’s godfather, Sam Marino started Bay Stage Lighting in 1957 in Tampa, FL. When my parents bought the business in 1998 the bar was in Sam’s office and it lived there for many more years until we moved the business to a different location. At that time the bar went into storage. It fell back into my hands a couple years ago.

refurbished wet bar on short hairpin legsKeeping quality furniture in the family gives it such character and keeps stories from the past alive. Well cared for wood can last for centuries. Hardware such as legs are not always as lucky. Nicole’s wet bar was not being supported the way it should be so she set out for a solution that honored the whole piece:

It lived in my family room for a few years on some really ugly castors that had worn out their welcome… every time it was moved or leaned on, a castor would slip out making the bar uneven and all contents would slide around… I wrote on a mid-century modern Facebook page that I belong to asking what would be appropriate and the moderator quickly responded “hairpin”.

Upgrading furniture while honoring its style makes for great results! If you’re not in the position to revive a family heirloom, start the tradition now with a great piece of furniture.

We’re glad our hairpin legs made this beautiful piece of furniture live on! It sounds like Nicole is pleased as well:

The bar has a new lease on life now, and is looking better than ever.

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Doug’s Daybed with Hairpin Legs

Hairpin legs have so many applications. There are certainly some types of furniture most commonly seen utilizing hairpin legs, but it needn’t stop there. Hairpin legs are perfect for a variety of furniture types from tables to desks to benches to… daybeds. Doug salvages and restores vintage furniture in Kansas City. Check out one of his latest. This daybed looks simple, elegant, and sturdy with hairpin legs! There are limitless applications for hairpin legs and we love seeing them all!

The great thing about our hairpin legs is that they come in a variety of heights so you could put together a project like this with whatever height suits your needs. Hairpin legs are endlessly versatile and we love seeing them used to keep vintage items out of the landfill. Restored furniture always brings its own character along; restored furniture can bring style and function and be a conversation piece. And chances are if you have an older piece of furniture that is still around today, it’s durable enough to have a lot of life left in it. We love seeing our turn of the century style hairpin table legs on old furniture that has withstood the test of time. Doug’s work also goes to show what a broad spectrum hairpin legs can fill. From home handyperson to professional furniture maker or restorer, metal hairpin legs provide the best support for your work!

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Robert’s Slab Tables with Hairpin Legs

Making your own hairpin leg furniture is fun and rewarding. There are so many options when you start to consider tabletop styles, hairpin leg types, and finishing touches. Robert shared these slab tables with us and they are so fun! These three tables could be used in conjunction with each other, in different places in the same room, or in multiple rooms around the house.

Though they are quite similar, these three hairpin leg tables really point out a lot of options you can go with when choosing what you want for your own hairpin leg project. First you get to choose the number of hairpin legs to use. While many pieces are best supported with four hairpin legs, sometimes three legs are perfect! And for six hairpin legs Robert has three tables!

small slab tables with hairpin legs

Finish and color are other options you may want to consider for your upcoming DIY project. Our hairpin legs are all made of solid steel rod. That means they are durable! They can certainly take any wear and tear you throw at them even when left untreated. Many of our customers like the raw unfinished look of the steel itself. But you are certainly not limited to that. Keeping the metal legs in their original steel appearance or some other darker color creates the look of the legs blending into their surroundings. This is a nice touch especially when you want the tabletop itself highlighted; the legs play more of a supporting role (pun intended). Brighter and bolder colors will draw more attention the hairpin legs themselves.

In the middle table here, Robert added color to the legs as well as to the tabletop itself. This brings us to another option featured in these tables: tabletop color. Many a hairpin leg table have been made from simple wood tabletops. But adding color is always an option. That can be through painting the top, painting a portion of the top, using different materials than just wood alone, or by using space in the wood to add color. Making hairpin leg tables is always fun! These are just a few options you get when you make your own furniture. Thank you for sharing Robert, excellent job!