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Kevin’s Angle Iron Table Leg Stairway Landing Table

Tapered angle iron table legs – as well as our other metal legs – offer a great option for small spaces. If you’re making a custom table, you get to decide just how many legs you need and how much space you’d like to use. Four table legs may be standard, but there is no reason to stick to that number. Customers have used more than four legs for long tables and we also have customers that have customized their furniture to use fewer than four metal legs.

Building a triangular table for example, perfectly accommodates three hairpin legs. For particularly small or specialized spaces in your home, fewer than three may be ideal. Supporting part of the table against a wall can be an excellent space-saving method. That is exactly what Kevin did with this beautiful stairway landing table.

kevins table with angle iron table legs

Kevin decided to cleat the table in the back and use our angle iron metal legs in the front. This is a perfect use of space! The angle iron legs complete the sleek efficient look this table creates. Our hairpin legs do that as well. Choosing a style of hairpin legs that works best with your table is fun!

french cleat example

Our Just the Tip hairpin legs are a great choice of hairpin leg that would also work perfectly in this application. But you needn’t be limited by our suggestions – check out all of our hairpin leg styles to see what you like. We have also seen our bench supports used in this type of application. Attaching one side of a table to the wall, your table can be supported by one bench support on the other end. The possibilities are endless. We just love seeing they ways folks come up with great custom furniture that meets the needs of unique spaces!