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Nicole’s Wet Bar with Short Hairpin Legs

Nicole gave new life to her family heirloom. This wet bar is sturdy and stylish with a new set of hairpin legs…all while keeping with the style of the piece. Nicole already had this beautiful wet bar in her family:

My mother’s godfather, Sam Marino started Bay Stage Lighting in 1957 in Tampa, FL. When my parents bought the business in 1998 the bar was in Sam’s office and it lived there for many more years until we moved the business to a different location. At that time the bar went into storage. It fell back into my hands a couple years ago.

refurbished wet bar on short hairpin legsKeeping quality furniture in the family gives it such character and keeps stories from the past alive. Well cared for wood can last for centuries. Hardware such as legs are not always as lucky. Nicole’s wet bar was not being supported the way it should be so she set out for a solution that honored the whole piece:

It lived in my family room for a few years on some really ugly castors that had worn out their welcome… every time it was moved or leaned on, a castor would slip out making the bar uneven and all contents would slide around… I wrote on a mid-century modern Facebook page that I belong to asking what would be appropriate and the moderator quickly responded “hairpin”.

Upgrading furniture while honoring its style makes for great results! If you’re not in the position to revive a family heirloom, start the tradition now with a great piece of furniture.

We’re glad our hairpin legs made this beautiful piece of furniture live on! It sounds like Nicole is pleased as well:

The bar has a new lease on life now, and is looking better than ever.