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Robert’s Mulberry Wood Piece with Hairpin Table Legs

Mulberry trees may illicit memories of childhood rhymes, but we may not all have had the opportunity to see one. They can be a tall growing tree, but are not known for their trunk size. Mulberry trees are rarely grown or harvested commercially for their wood. If you’re lucky enough to have access to mulberry wood, you’re in for a treat. This wood has a lot of natural luster, and is certainly going to be one of a kind.

mulberry slab table with hairpin table legs

Robert made this gorgeous hairpin leg table from a slab of Ohio mulberry. Choosing hair pin legs to complete this table was perfect! The simplicity of the hairpin legs creates a sturdy table that keeps the focus on the uniqueness of the tabletop itself. Robert chose 16-inch Twist hairpin table legs. Our different styles of hairpin legs allow each user and table to have what works best. Robert kept many aspects of the natural wood intact adding to the distinctive qualities. Amazing piece Robert, nicely done!

Local sawmills will often have slab wood available for purchase for this type of project. If you’re in the position to have one of your own trees milled into slab wood, sawmills will often do that as well. Check out the options in your area so you know what you have to work with. Pairing the hairpin table leg style, diameter, and height is fun! The dark aspects of Roberts table blend perfectly with the hairpin legs. It all comes together so perfectly! We’d love to see what you come up with for your hairpin leg project!