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Bob’s Pine Slab Coffee Table with Bench Legs

Last week we highlighted a bench made with our metal bench legs. But as we like to say, bench legs need not be confined to benches. Here is a beautiful table Bob made using our bench legs. We’ve seen bench legs chosen for all kinds of modern furniture leg applications; dining room tables, desks, benches, and coffee tables.

We really like what Bob did with this table. As you can see, the live edge of the wood was kept intact. This always ads character (or should we say, keeps the character). In Bob’s words:

We think they look great with the pine slab that we purchased, removed the bark, sanded for 2 weeks, and finished using your custom legs.

Nicely done, Bob! Purchasing a slab of wood provides a lot of options for your custom made bench leg or hairpin leg table. Slab wood typically maintains more original characteristics of the tree itself. This gives you more options to work with when creating the table that works for you. Some folks like to keep the irregularities in the wood to highlight its unique qualities. But of course you can always plane it and shape it down to create the size and dimensions that work for your DIY project.

We offer two styles of bench legs, flat bar and tube steel legs, and if you think bench legs might be the right modern furniture leg for your next DIY project, get in touch, we’re ready to make sure you get the perfect hardware for your piece.