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Moroccan Brass Table with Metal Hairpin Legs

We love seeing endless creativity that hairpin legs foster. The materials they pair with are limitless. A brass hairpin leg table? Now you’ve seen one! This Moroccan brass tea table marries perfectly with metal hairpin legs. This table is featured by the folks at Vintage Industries Inc. We love that they chose hairpin legs for this table. The table is an original in amazing shape. The hairpin legs compliment the table without detracting from it. They are integral to the table, but the eye is drawn to the tabletop itself. The simplicity of the legs draws the eye to the relief of the tabletop. They create the illusion that the brass is a saucer floating.

With such an ornate unique tabletop this is exactly what the tabletop warrants. A table like this would typically have a wooden base. But it wouldn’t be the first time we say a tabletop outlast its wooden base. Longevity need not be a concern with metal legs as their durability far outlasts that of standard wooden table legs. No matter the tabletop you’re looking to salvage or display, hairpin legs impart a simple elegant grace. We build tables for lots of reasons. You may be putting together a table that represents who you are, where you’re from, or what you love. Our multiple hairpin leg varieties offer you the table leg style to match your personal style.