Frequently Asked Questions

Every set of modern table legs we make is custom built in Colorado. We’re proud of that, but since we make modern legs in all kinds of sizes and styles, we get lots of questions. Here are a few questions and answers which might help you find the perfect legs for your next DIY furniture project.


I just placed an order. When will I receive my legs?

Everything we offer online is custom built. Our average time from order to receipt of goods is 14 days.

How much weight can your legs support?

Each application of our metal legs varies due to the dimensions of the legs and the screws used to hold them in place, but generally speaking, the legs will hold hundreds of pounds. If you are concerned with weight, contact us through the site and we can speak to your use of the legs. Some products like our bench legs, 3 rod hairpin legs and Just the Tip hairpin legs are good options for greater stability.

Does Modern Legs ship internationally?


Do you have bulk or wholesale rates?

We’re happy to accommodate large orders. Everything we sell is built to order, so we don’t have a wholesale formula for pricing. Get in touch via our contact form and we’d be happy to discuss your request for bulk pricing.

Do you recommend a product to protect floors and keep my furniture in place?

There are many types of pad and protectors on the market.   Check out our Hairpin Floor Protectors on our shopping page.  Also, we’ve heard great reviews from our customers about Dura-Grip furniture leg pads.  

Can I treat the legs to seal and protect them?

Absolutely. Wax, clear coat, paint or gun blue are all valid options. High grade furniture wax can be rubbed on and buffed for a protective coat. Clear coat can be sprayed on or rubbed on and allowed to dry. Gun Blue can be applied under wax, or by itself, or if you prefer a color you can paint your legs. Make sure you rub any dust or particulate matter off the legs before applying a coating and follow the directions on the can.

How should I attach my legs?

If you’re not sure what screws to use, or if you should drill pilot holes, head to your local hardware store and let them know what the project is. They will likely recommend wood screws no more than 3/4 of the length of your wood surface. If you are comfortable drilling pilot holes, they can prevent cracking as the screw enters the wood. Pilot holes should be roughly half the diameter of the screw.

I live in Colorado, can I pick up my legs in person?

Sure. Our shipping center is open during regular business hours five days a week, but to make sure you don’t catch us out of the office, use the contact form to arrange your pickup day and time.


We’re here to answer all the questions you might have about hairpin legs, bench legs or custom metal legs. If you don’t see the answer to your questions in the FAQ, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you find the right legs for your next project.