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Wormy Maple and Walnut Table with Square Bar Hairpin Legs

Rob at Naked Aspen Designs built this stunning hairpin leg table for Karen. The craftsmanship is just beautiful. The tabletop is made from wormy maple and surrounded by walnut. Nice combination! Using two different types of wood for a tabletop offers added visual interest. The darker walnut framing nicely contrasts with the light maple and highlights the darker markings within the maple.

maple and walnut table with hairpin legsThe choice of hairpin leg was excellent on this table as well. They solidly support the table while keeping the limelight on the craftsmanship where it belongs. Of the many styles of hairpin legs we offer, Rob used the square bar hairpin legs. They look great with this table. The square bar affords a very versatile look. They can be rustic or dress up a classy table. They certainly are able to rise to the occasion. When you put as much effort into a project as Rob clearly has, you want your table legs to perform exactly as needed. Our style and size options ensure that will happen.

Having a table at the right height can be one of the most important aspects of its construction. We offer any size in even increments from 4” to 30” in height. Whether you’re making a coffee table or taller one like this, you’ll get exactly what works for you. Once you know what height you want your hairpin legs, you get to choose the style that works for you. We certainly can’t choose favorites between our hairpin legs – but you can! Let us know what your favorites are!