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Doug’s Daybed with Hairpin Legs

Hairpin legs have so many applications. There are certainly some types of furniture most commonly seen utilizing hairpin legs, but it needn’t stop there. Hairpin legs are perfect for a variety of furniture types from tables to desks to benches to… daybeds. Doug salvages and restores vintage furniture in Kansas City. Check out one of his latest. This daybed looks simple, elegant, and sturdy with hairpin legs! There are limitless applications for hairpin legs and we love seeing them all!

The great thing about our hairpin legs is that they come in a variety of heights so you could put together a project like this with whatever height suits your needs. Hairpin legs are endlessly versatile and we love seeing them used to keep vintage items out of the landfill. Restored furniture always brings its own character along; restored furniture can bring style and function and be a conversation piece. And chances are if you have an older piece of furniture that is still around today, it’s durable enough to have a lot of life left in it. We love seeing our turn of the century style hairpin table legs on old furniture that has withstood the test of time. Doug’s work also goes to show what a broad spectrum hairpin legs can fill. From home handyperson to professional furniture maker or restorer, metal hairpin legs provide the best support for your work!