About Modern Legs

For as far back as I can remember, I’ve loved working with my hands. There’s no greater sense of accomplishment than enjoying something that you’ve dreamt then built. Maybe it’s an old car or motorcycle that you’ve restored. Perhaps a canoe you’ve hand made from cedar or a hickory axe handle. Maybe it’s a deck to sit and have beers on with good friends. Creating something, anything, is inspiring.

Modern Legs allow me to fill my need to invent and at the same time produce a product that gave the gift of creation to others. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing the photos that customers share of the things they’ve created with legs purchased here.

We started with just one product, the Original Hairpin Leg. Since then, we’ve fed our need to create and come up legs to fit most any style and project. We will continue to expand (it’s part of the creative process) but we’ll always strive to make our creations inspire your creations.

Thanks for stopping by –
Owner / Designer – Modern Legs