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Vintage Teak Table with Modern Metal Table Legs

When you talk about fine wood and furniture making, teak will inevitably come up. It is a prized wood used to make a variety of things. How come? Teak is naturally tough. First of all, it is physically durable. It can be relatively easily worked, but its durability is known to dull woodworking tools. Secondly, it is naturally weather resistant. Fine outdoor furniture is often made of teak and will last a long time. It doesn’t need chemicals or a special finish to withstand the elements. It will gray over time when left untreated outdoors giving it a beautiful silvery look. On top of all of that, teak naturally resists insects that can damage wood.

Not sold yet? Teak is also just plain gorgeous! It has a golden color to it when kept indoors or treated to protect it from the elements. Take a look at how stunningly this Mid-Century table has aged. It could be mistaken for brand new!

If you’re thinking of making a new teak table, or repurposing an old one, hairpin legs are a great option! That’s exactly what the folks at Vintage Home Boutique in Toronto did. Their teak hairpin leg table is beautiful. The hairpin legs support the clean lines of this sleek teak tabletop. We know how versatile hairpin legs can be, but we like that the folks at Vintage Home Boutique point out another great aspect of hairpin legs: they can be removed! It may seem obvious, but it’s worth stating. Whenever you need to move or even store a hairpin leg table, the hairpin legs can easily be removed. No more wondering how you’re going to get your table through a front door or up some stairs! Elegance and practicality!

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Two-Tiered Table with Inlay and Angle Iron Table Legs

This two-tiered table is a gem! Let us count the ways…the dark bark on the live edge slab nicely combines with the accent of the interior of the wood color as well as with the dark metal of the tapered angle iron table legs.

Keeping the live edge on this slab maintains the curved lines which will catch the eye of anyone entering your home. Turquoise inlay is always a treat, and Todd has a gift for adding it as an accent. Here it follows the contours of the wood slab itself even dipping into the branch remnant. And, of course, we love the addition of a second shelf!

nested table with angle iron table legs and inlay

This makes this table truly unique. This simple addition adds substantiality to the table. It also makes it more usable for out of the way storage. This table was expertly crafted by Todd at APB Works in Nebraska. What a gem, thank you for sharing, Todd.

This table is a great demonstration of how innovative metal legs allow the creator to be. Coming up with the design for your metal leg table might just be as fun as making it. Hairpin legs and tapered angle iron legs offer so many options. If you have a custom idea in mind for your hairpin legs or tapered angle iron legs, let us know. We’re always happy to entertain custom ideas – and we love seeing how they turn out!


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Upgrade Your Office with Bench Legs or Hairpin Legs

Some say changing things around in your office space stimulates creativity. We can’t think of a better way to stay creative than by sitting at a desk you created with bench legs or hairpin legs! Plus, talk about getting what you want. When you design and build your own desk you’re assured it will be just want you want. From the height to materials, you only put in what you want.

Metal furniture legs offer customizable height, maximize leg-room, and outlast other office equipment by a long shot. We may sit at a desk all day or just for a few important minutes at a time; having a hairpin leg desk we love pulls us towards the work we want to get done. You may be the only person who really knows what you want in a desk, you are the best person to make that desk.

You may want a short set of hairpin legs to make an existing traditional desk the perfect height for you. Or perhaps you want to make the entire thing from scratch. You can locate a desktop surface and attach the hairpin legs for a perfectly fitting workstation. Perhaps your ideal desk is a simple tabletop that doesn’t include drawers or other amenities. You decide! Whether you’re giving an old desk a new life or creating a desk from scratch, hairpin legs give you the perfect desk for your working requirements and space limitations. No matter what workspace you’re creating, we’ve got you covered!

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Todd’s Tables with Modern Steel Table Legs

Todd from APB Works in Ashland, Nebraska should be teaching a DIY furniture clinic! Look what he has come up with this time. We appreciate Todd taking the time to share all his projects and we’re glad we can provide the modern steel table legs.

These pieces of furniture are just beautiful! In some ways, the wood and the metal legs are similar throughout. Todd has chosen slab wood with a prominent grain. The legs are all simple, sturdy legs made of metal. At the same time, there is so much variety.

These pieces of furniture really show how differently the styles of hairpin and metal legs can turn out – how their different shapes and colors can influence the final piece of furniture. Great job Todd! Having a collection of metal-legged furniture provides ample inspiration for future projects.

The tapered angle iron legs offer a dark solid style of leg. The twist hairpin legs change up the direction the eye follows. Bench legs create a great solid angular bench. And we like the way the slab benchtop angles down and inward in opposing contrast to the bench legs’ upward angle. Some of these tabletops have been adorned with turquoise inlay. Inlay is an attractive decorative way to fill in natural holes or pitting that can occur as wood dries.

It is fun to look at so many DIY furniture options all at once. Which one is your favorite?

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An Old Door and Hairpin Furniture Legs

We often mention that making a table with hairpin furniture legs is as easy as attaching the legs.  Voila, you have a table! But why do we say this? First of all, making a hairpin leg table really is as easy as screwing hairpin legs to a door and making a table. Secondly, doors are easy to come by! Often old homes had a door for each room. This better kept the heat in when houses were harder to heat and not well insulated, if at all. As old homes get better insulation and heating systems, those doors often come out. We can now enjoy the openness of the house without having to worry about our toes freezing. And we can also enjoy those old doors that are no longer needed between every room of the house.

There are many reasons doors are easy to come by. Whether you live in an older home with a few extra doors or you’re seeing doors at antique stores and salvaged building suppliers, keep in mind they make an excellent hairpin leg table. Doors can be made into hairpin leg tables as is or they can be refinished. What looks best to you? If you want to maintain the old look of the door, simply keep it as is. If you’re thinking about refinishing the door, you can always repaint it or sand it down and clear coat it. Doors come in many shapes and sizes so pick one out that suits you and your home. Then pick out the style of hairpin furniture leg that you like best. Screw on the hairpin legs and you’ve got yourself a brand new reclaimed table!

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Is Attaching Hairpin Legs Really That Easy?

Is attaching hairpin legs really as easy as screwing them into the wood? It can be! Our hairpin legs come with a metal plate with holes in them. This provides an easy way to attach them to the underside of your tabletop while providing maximum stability. We recommend pre-drilling holes before the legs are attached. Aim for holes that are roughly half the diameter of the final screws you will be using. That’s easy enough and now you’ve reduced your chances of the wood cracking when you use the final screws. Voila, you have a table!

If you’re looking for something a bit more challenging or unique, there are lots of options. All you need to do is be sure the metal legs and tabletop are strongly secured to each other. This can be accomplished in a multitude of ways. They can be bolted on leaving bolt tops in your tabletop for added style. We’ve seen tables where folks glued the table to a non-wood surface (in this case stone).

Perhaps you’re thinking about a custom table where there’s a metal support structure underneath your tabletop. Our motto is: ‘if it’s made of metal chances are we can make it’. That means you’re only limited by your imagination. Come up with your table design and run it by us to see if it’s something we can create for you. If this is your first go at a DIY hairpin leg table, maybe simply screwing the hairpin legs to the tabletop is for you. But if you’re looking for some adventure, experiment and see what types of hairpin leg attachment works for you. We’d love to see what great new ways you come up with.

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Upholstered Bench with Hairpin Legs

Upholstered hairpin leg furniture is such a treat to see. Somehow, being made less frequently, it is a symbol of how unique modern upholstered benches can be. Whether you’re looking for DIY upholstered bench ideas or want to get one made for you, we think you’ll love the look (and comfort) of this style bench.

This particular upholstered bench is made by the folks at Loose Button in the UK. Their choice of wool fabric makes perfect sense. Wool is a durable washable surface that will hold up to wear and spills. The fabric color combination is amazing. The muted and bright colors offer great contrast. Upholstered benches and other seating surfaces give the creator lots of options. The furniture can be a basic piece of furniture that utilizes hairpin legs to hold up a wood table or benchtop. Then it’s as simple as covering it with cushioning and fabric. Fabric offers many options of textures and colors. And the cushioning itself gives you height and comfort options to explore. Upholstered furniture can add softness to a space.

Not only are they quite literally soft, but their rounded edges and soft coverings bring a different dimension than standard wooden-topped furniture. A bench like this would certainly be a nice treat to sit on while coming and going in cooler days. When making your own upholstered furniture, you also have the option to update and change out the upholstery coverings over time to match your changing tastes. Hairpin leg furniture is so accommodating! Thanks to the folks at Loose Button for sharing these pictures. We hope to see more upholstered hairpin leg furniture in the near future!


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Martin’s Mirrored Walnut Slab with Hairpin Legs

When you have a gorgeous slab of wood you can aim for a very specific outcome in a final piece of furniture. Martin had a beautiful mirrored slab of walnut. He was looking to create a beautiful table but wanted a few things to really stand out. The combination of hairpin legs and an oil finish accomplished what he was looking for.

This is the first time I’ve used hairpin legs and I’m really pleased with the result. Not only is the table lighter and easier to move, they sort of “go away,” letting the table top get all the visual attention, which is what I really wanted for this particular piece of wood.

I decided to use a hand-rubbed oil finish. You can’t get the kind of depth from polyurethane that you can from oil or wax and I really wanted the figuring and color changes in the wood to stand out.

Finding the perfect slab of wood can be amazing. But finding the right way to highlight it can be the hard part. Our hairpin legs are always able to sturdily hold up a beautiful slab of wood to create a table. But sometimes paying a supporting role is a good thing – especially for hairpin legs. The unassuming structure of hairpin legs makes them perfect candidates for the job. Martin’s slab of wood really is the star of this show, and we’re glad our hairpin legs were able to create this table to highlight it. If you’d like to keep up with Martin’s work, follow him on Facebook.

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Stump Table with Short Hairpin Legs

stump section table with short hairpin legs

Rachael has a tree in her house! Or at least a big piece of one. So often stumps are the remnants of a tree no one knows what to do with. This table shows how amazing they can be! Turning it over provides a large unique tabletop surface. The center of the stump has been hollowed out. This will make the weight of the table much more manageable. We created a custom brace for the underside. This will stabilize the whole stump while minimizing any further cracking that might happen as the wood continues to dry with indoor use. We’re always happy to entertain custom metal work. It can make the difference between a typical and outstanding piece of furniture.


The hairpin legs add the finishing touch to this table. Our hairpin legs come in a variety of sizes which come in handy for a good table maker! This table is perfect with short hairpin legs and we expect it will be a conversation piece in any room. We’re glad our hairpin legs were the finishing touch on this magical table! Thanks for sharing Rachael – what an amazing job!

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Modern Furniture Legs on Conference Tables

We’ve all walked into conference rooms to begrudgingly gather around a laminate conference table that we’re sure dates back to the seventies. It doesn’t exactly stimulate creativity, does it? Many conference tables are the centerpiece of the conference room. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a beautiful hand-crafted table that catches the eye and inspires imagination? It sets a whole new tone for the room and the meeting when a gorgeous piece of furniture is calling you to gather around it.

We’ve been inspired by the gorgeous conference tables our customers have made. The great thing about using hairpin legs is their elegance and stability. Using minimal space, they get the job done and make an impressive conversation piece. Any of our metal legs will do a beautiful job. Our metal bench legs are often used as their durability transforms large slab wood into a work of art. Like our hairpin legs, the tapered angle iron legs provide stability without hogging the underside of the table.

The stability metal legs offer means you can leave virtually all of the space under the table available for chairs and legroom. Coming up with a big slab of wood may be as easy as stopping by the local sawmill. Putting together a great conference room table yourself will ensure you get a great end product. Plus, it can save you lots over buying a custom table. Just think, next time a meeting is called, everyone will be looking forward to pulling up a chair!