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Stump Table with Short Hairpin Legs

stump section table with short hairpin legs

Rachael has a tree in her house! Or at least a big piece of one. So often stumps are the remnants of a tree no one knows what to do with. This table shows how amazing they can be! Turning it over provides a large unique tabletop surface. The center of the stump has been hollowed out. This will make the weight of the table much more manageable. We created a custom brace for the underside. This will stabilize the whole stump while minimizing any further cracking that might happen as the wood continues to dry with indoor use. We’re always happy to entertain custom metal work. It can make the difference between a typical and outstanding piece of furniture.


The hairpin legs add the finishing touch to this table. Our hairpin legs come in a variety of sizes which come in handy for a good table maker! This table is perfect with short hairpin legs and we expect it will be a conversation piece in any room. We’re glad our hairpin legs were the finishing touch on this magical table! Thanks for sharing Rachael – what an amazing job!

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Modern Furniture Legs on Conference Tables

We’ve all walked into conference rooms to begrudgingly gather around a laminate conference table that we’re sure dates back to the seventies. It doesn’t exactly stimulate creativity, does it? Many conference tables are the centerpiece of the conference room. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a beautiful hand-crafted table that catches the eye and inspires imagination? It sets a whole new tone for the room and the meeting when a gorgeous piece of furniture is calling you to gather around it.

We’ve been inspired by the gorgeous conference tables our customers have made. The great thing about using hairpin legs is their elegance and stability. Using minimal space, they get the job done and make an impressive conversation piece. Any of our metal legs will do a beautiful job. Our metal bench legs are often used as their durability transforms large slab wood into a work of art. Like our hairpin legs, the tapered angle iron legs provide stability without hogging the underside of the table.

The stability metal legs offer means you can leave virtually all of the space under the table available for chairs and legroom. Coming up with a big slab of wood may be as easy as stopping by the local sawmill. Putting together a great conference room table yourself will ensure you get a great end product. Plus, it can save you lots over buying a custom table. Just think, next time a meeting is called, everyone will be looking forward to pulling up a chair!

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Looking for an Easy DIY Furniture Project?

Homemade furniture and hairpin leg furniture are synonymous to us, but not everyone has made their own furniture yet. That is what is so great about hairpin leg furniture. It can be your very first project or your long-time profession. The ease of using hairpin legs ensures anyone can undertake a project. Still, if you’re nervous about undertaking your very first hairpin leg project, don’t worry. You might like it so much it will just be the first of many!

If you’re new to making your own furniture, make it easy on yourself. Keep your project in your comfort zone and see how it goes. Take an old cabinet door or a few planks of wood you come across. Get some heavy-duty screws and use a hand screwdriver. Attach your hairpin legs to the underside of your tabletop. Voila! You have a table! It really isn’t as daunting as it seems at first. Plus, our hairpin legs are so durable when you want to upgrade your table, you can simple take the legs off and use them on your upgraded tabletop!

If you’re not sure how to finish or seal your tabletop, invite some friends to help you out. Maybe someone you know even has a few extra tools or some lumber laying around. Everyone can get involved within their skill level and before long you’ll have a brand-new hairpin leg table. The great thing about doing it this way is every time you use your table, you’ll be thinking about the great folks that were there to make it come to life!

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Are Bench Legs the Best Option for my Bench?

Benches made with metal furniture legs are simple and elegant both for sitting and storing things. A bench can provide a place to put on your shoes by a front door or set your bag when you first coming in. There are–of course–many uses for benches and if you’re considering one you may already have a use in mind. But are our bench legs best for your project? Our two styles of bench legs are made as a solid foundation for any bench. They both come in the standard bench height. They are made of durable steel – either flat bar steel or tube steel. Their solid construction ensures they provide a solid base for your sitting area.

But there are times where you may be looking for another style of metal furniture legs. In addition to our bench legs we offer tapered angle iron legs and a variety of hairpin legs. If you’re looking for a wider top to your bench using the tapered angle iron or hairpin legs may be for you. One of the great things about our bench legs is that they come in a set of two, as opposed to four like our other legs. This means they provide maximum stability for a typical bench. But if you’re creating a wider sitting area having the option of four individual legs may be for you. Or perhaps you’re just looking to create some type of seating area that’s not necessarily a bench. Our hairpin legs also make a great stool. You can make a bare-topped or upholstered stool. No matter which of our metal legs you decide to go with, they are all solid supports. Every one of our metal legs is made of cold rolled steel and are made to order right here in the USA!

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Modern Furniture Legs for DIY Outdoor Furniture

Warm weather is here and it’s always nice to be outdoors enjoying it. There’s nothing like sitting down at your own custom-made table or bench to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. When you create your own furniture, you get exactly what you want. If you’re looking for a large table to accommodate lots of people, no problem. If a smaller table best fits your situation, that works too. Hairpin legs and other modern furniture legs are great for creating whatever size and style of table you’re looking for.

Perhaps an old door or repurposed pallet with a set of hairpin legs is all you’re looking for. No problem! We’ve had customers make outdoor tables by attaching our hairpin legs to the underside of a door. Some have undertaken more ambitious project and made fine furniture for their outdoor space. Our hairpin legs are made of durable steel rod that comes as thick as 5/8 of an inch thick! That’s some serious girth. That diameter metal will be around for a long time, treated or not.

Treating the metal legs is something you can do if you want to, but it is not necessary. There are lots of options to turn your legs into fun colors and textures but leaving them just the way they come is great too. Whatever you decide, outdoor furniture can be yours for as little effort as screwing them into the bottom of their new tabletop. You’ll be kicking back enjoying sunsets in no time!

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Vicki’s Vintage Door Table with Angle Iron Table Legs

Finding a gem of an antique can be thrilling. Finding the perfect place for it in your home can be the icing on top. Our angle iron table legs helped Vicki rework this amazing antique door into a table. It’s old enough that it was put together with wood alone…no screws or pins inside this door!

vintage door table with angle iron table legs

Here’s what Vicki said about the project:

[I used] a door from the 1800s put together with pegs no nails lightly sanded – I searched everywhere for legs for this looking for the perfect match and I think I found them! Thrilled with your product thank you so much for your quality workmanship. These legs are solid!

Thanks Vicki! We like that the door handle was left on. This certainly maintains the original state of the door and gives the table character. Vicki chose to use our angle iron table legs. They look great on this antique door. We offer a variety of metal legs to ensure you have the perfect option for your next project, whether it is a restoration or brand new construction, our hairpin legs and tapered angle iron legs will perfectly compliment your DIY table. All of our metal legs are made to order. After all, we build them to stand up to whatever you put them through. Like Vicki says, our legs are solid!

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Darkened Live Edge Table with Modern Furniture Legs

The design options are endless when using hairpin leg to make your own table. Here is a table from the folks at WorkGrainWorks in Maine. The slab and modern furniture legs easily make a strong attractive table. But there can certainly be more to it than that. If you’re looking for finishing ideas, here’s a great one. This table’s top design is a careful balance between sanded and painted wood. This is easily achievable on your DIY table. Painting a table and then sanding it back down allows patterns of wood to emerge through the paint. Exactly what ratio of wood and paint is up to you! That’s the beauty of doing it yourself.

The choice to include the living edge in the tabletop nicely maintains the unique aspects of this piece of wood. Here the living edge was included in the sanded painting. Another option that might be right for your table is leaving the living edges their natural wood color. Additionally, using slab wood that retains some of the bark may appeal most to you. Hairpin legs allow for so many tabletop options and endless designs of their accompanying tabletops. Check out the variety of hairpin legs we offer. The folks who chose these hairpin legs went with a classic hairpin leg style. We offer an original hairpin leg. But that’s only the beginning. See if the 3 rod hairpin leg, Just the Tip hairpin leg, or others are right for your project!

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Record Stand with Modern Furniture Legs

Hairpin legs were invented at the turn of the century but they have never gone out of style. Their simple durable construction keeps them going strong to this day. We love seeing what customers come up with when they make furniture with our hairpin legs. It is fun to see all the new designs and styles customers develop for themselves. But somehow it always seems appropriate for hairpin legs to be used with other timeless classics. Hairpin legs for a record shelf seems just perfect!

We love what the folks at Wicker Woodworks came up with. Combining hairpin legs and LPs just seem right. There is even a removable storage box for the 45s! This is certainly a basic design many of us could come up with for lots of storage options. Storage for records, books, or other items lends itself perfectly to hairpin leg furniture. With hairpin legs, it is easy to customize the storage unit for your personal needs. It can be tall or short, wide or narrow, close to the ground or higher up. We’ve got hairpin legs to suit any need.

We offer hairpin legs from 4″ – 30″ ensuring you get the height you’re looking for. They can be used in any configuration you’d like; providing the type of support you’re looking for. And no matter how you choose to use them, they are durable and long lasting so your furniture will last a lifetime. Send us a pic of your final project so we can see what you’ve come up with!

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“Boomerang” Desk with Modern Metal Table Legs

closeup boomerang desk with modern metal table legs

Having the right workspace makes a huge difference. And what could be more perfect than a custom-made desk? Making the right desk for your office might involve making the entire desk from scratch. It might mean converting something like a table into a workspace. Or it might mean adapting an existing desk into something that fits you perfectly. Using simple metal table legs is a great way to retrofit a current desk into an amazing workspace. For example, hairpin legs take up minimal space while being strong and durable. That gives heavier furniture like a desk a lighter feel underneath while ensuring stability.

For example, the folks over at Amsterdam Modern had this fun “boomerang” style desk for sale. It is a unique piece of furniture that shows just how great hairpin legs can look on a desk. The four hairpin legs provide ample stability but take up minimal space. The desk is nicely balanced both aesthetically and physically. The shelf combining the two halves is a nice touch as well. Whatever desk or workspace you’re undertaking there are a range of possibilities. Undertaking a small project at first may feel more doable. Or perhaps you’re a bit more seasoned and a larger hairpin leg furniture project is in your future. Either way, happy hairpinning!

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Dallas’s Dining Room Set with Modern Furniture Legs

closeup dining room set with tapered angle iron legs

Looking for the perfect dining room set can be exhausting and expensive. Sometimes when you have something specific in mind, it can be difficult to find it. That’s why we recommend making it! Our modern furniture legs give you endless options for making the perfect furniture for your home. That way you’ll get exactly what you want. That’s just what happened to Dallas. Looking for the perfect dining room set wasn’t working out. But making it did! Here’s what Dallas said about the process:

We love our custom dining table! We looked everywhere for a table that had a nice balance between being slightly shabby while still a bit edgy, and just could not find what we were looking for. At least, not for thousands of dollars! When we stumbled upon Modern Legs, we were so inspired! We had my grandpa built the table top and bench, bolted in our Tapered Angle Iron Table Legs, and we are in love!

matching dining room set with tapered angle iron legsWe’re so glad the table came out perfectly. Now you have the right dining room set for you and the memory of making it with family! Our tapered angle iron legs are just as versatile as our hairpin legs. They are great on tables, benches, and much more. Making your own metal leg furniture by yourself or with the collaboration of family members creates rewarding results. Thanks for sharing, we love your new dining room set!