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Dallas’s Dining Room Set with Modern Furniture Legs

closeup dining room set with tapered angle iron legs

Looking for the perfect dining room set can be exhausting and expensive. Sometimes when you have something specific in mind, it can be difficult to find it. That’s why we recommend making it! Our modern furniture legs give you endless options for making the perfect furniture for your home. That way you’ll get exactly what you want. That’s just what happened to Dallas. Looking for the perfect dining room set wasn’t working out. But making it did! Here’s what Dallas said about the process:

We love our custom dining table! We looked everywhere for a table that had a nice balance between being slightly shabby while still a bit edgy, and just could not find what we were looking for. At least, not for thousands of dollars! When we stumbled upon Modern Legs, we were so inspired! We had my grandpa built the table top and bench, bolted in our Tapered Angle Iron Table Legs, and we are in love!

matching dining room set with tapered angle iron legsWe’re so glad the table came out perfectly. Now you have the right dining room set for you and the memory of making it with family! Our tapered angle iron legs are just as versatile as our hairpin legs. They are great on tables, benches, and much more. Making your own metal leg furniture by yourself or with the collaboration of family members creates rewarding results. Thanks for sharing, we love your new dining room set!

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Teak Sideboard or Bar with Short Hairpin Legs

teak sideboard with hairpin legs drawers out

A sideboard or home bar can be fun! How about something substantial and a little retro? A substantial piece of furniture adds a lot to a home. They are endlessly versatile as well. From a design perspective, large furniture often don’t leave much room for legs. With so much weight it’s important to have legs that will effortlessly stand up to the test.

Metal hairpin legs are perfect for just such a job. Our hairpin legs come in steel rod as thick as 3/8-inches thick. How’s that for support! Offered in varied heights, our hairpin legs come as short as 4-inches. This leaves plenty of options for any size furniture you’re hoping to build or refinish. Those sturdy little legs will do a perfect job on your larger furniture. This teak sideboard from Amsterdam Modern is a great example of modern design. There is lots of storage both in the drawers and on the top.

This is an original piece of furniture that has been upgraded with a new set of hairpin legs. Restoring old furniture with new metal legs is also a great way to go if you’re redecorating. Many pieces of older furniture are still around and in amazing shape. But the original furniture legs are not always so lucky. Modernizing antique furniture with turn-of-the-century-style hairpin legs can be a great way to create custom furniture!

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Oblong Walnut Coffee Table with 3 Rod Hairpin Legs

walnut table with 3 rod hairpin legs closeup

This table is almost an optical illusion! Each angle from which this table is viewed offers a different shape. It’s amazing how this shape accentuates the colors of the table and create an eye-catching combination. The high gloss finish looks great on this walnut wood. We like the 3 rod hairpin legs as well! This table is a great illustration of the versatility of hairpin legs.

The folks at Chairish have some great photos of this table up. You can see that four legs are used, but not in a two by two format often seen at each end of a table. Four hairpin legs nicely support this table while spreading out the support by putting the legs around the perimeter of the table. The live edge perfectly captures the distinctions in this piece of walnut – especially the eye-catching color variations throughout. It can be easy to think of a standard rectangular table when picturing what you’d like to make for you next hairpin leg table.

This coffee table is a great reminder why all shapes are fair game when making your own table. The oval shape certainly adds a lot to this table and improves its overall appeal. So many factors can contribute to making your own amazing hairpin leg table. This table demonstrates how a few unique choices all add up to a great piece of furniture. The number and placement of hairpin legs, clear coat, living edge and shape all contribute to this great table! These are all fun decisions to make and customize the table to exactly what you’re looking for in your homemade table. Drop us a picture and let us know how your hairpin leg table comes out!

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50s Style Desk with Modern Metal Table Legs

hairpin leg desk closeup

It is always fun to see styles that seem to always be in. This 50s-style desk is rocking those hairpin legs. The desk style may have been popular more than half a century ago, but it is still relevant today. We can even see a laptop looking right at home on that desk – something inconceivable at the time. This desk, from Amsterdam Modern is a perfect illustration of how timeless hairpin legs are in the realm of metal table legs.

We sell our hairpin legs by the piece, not in sets of four. This desk shows you why. This desk could certainly be used with four hairpin legs – two tall and two short. But why eliminate a great style element when you can just use two hairpin legs? Hairpin legs go well with many different number setups – and they don’t mind sharing.

Mix things up and think about how many hairpin legs would go best with your project. Maybe it turns out four will go perfectly – but more or less may also be great options. This desk uses a set of 3-rod hairpin legs. Three-rod legs are use both for their looks and as a set of supports that can sustain a bit more weight.

Anyway, our hat is off to Amsterdam Modern for a great 50s style 3-rod hairpin legs desk. Keep up the good work!

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Simple Hairpin Leg Runner Table

reclaimed scaffolding bench with hairpin legs

Hairpin legs are a great option for so many simple furniture projects. They are endlessly versatile. Sometimes it makes sense for the hairpin legs to take the back seat to your tabletop.

Their low profile makes them perfect to highlight the special tabletop you’ve been working on without hogging the show. But hairpin legs can also be one of the central players in your table; having them take the spotlight can be a fun change.

This runner table is a great example of the way hairpin legs can sit center stage. The folks at Bettzy in the UK make this fun runner table. This table is simple, elegant, and functional. It has a character of its own thanks to the identifying marks branded on from their former life as scaffolding. The small depth of the tabletop draws the eye to the hairpin legs more than a larger overshadowing tabletop. This is a great way to use hairpin legs as a main player in the table bringing its own style.

This versatility is part of what got us into the modern industrial table leg business. We just love seeing all the ways people think up to use these multitalented legs. We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect legs to pair with your tabletop whether they’re front and center or keeping a low profile underneath.

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Hairpin Legs Save a Mahogany Table

We’re believe that using what you already have is one of the best ways to make hairpin leg furniture. An old door, free pallets, or a yard sale find can all make amazing furniture. Elbow grease and a set of modern metal table legs make virtually any old wood into amazing furniture. Here is how Ryan saved a discarded coffee table and turned it into reclaimed furniture:

Someone was throwing out a trashed cafe table and I took it for the base. I decided to sand down the top and realized that it was solid mahogany. So I threw the hairpin legs on the table top to make a coffee table.

green dipped hairpin legsA piece of the original table he wasn’t even planning on using turned into a work of art! Finding a mahogany tabletop may sound improbable, but treasures like this abound. It is amazing what can be found when we keep our eyes peeled. Reclaimed wood can be used in its current state.

Sanding old wood or running it through a planer reveals the next layer that can look young and beautiful. Wire brushing old wood can keep its rough used appearance, it that appeals to you. Reclaimed wood can also be a raw material. Old tables and doors can be cut up or otherwise shaped to create a new tabletop. Your new tabletop can be left untreated if that’s your preference. It can also be oiled, waxed, clear coated, or painted for added appearance and protection. The possibilities are endless and we’re glad Ryan shared his story for inspiration. There are many treasures just waiting to be turned into hairpin leg furniture!

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A Hairpin Leg Lamp? Rare Hairpin Leg Decor

closeup hairpin leg lamp

Hairpin legs came out in the middle of the last century. They were the perfect mix of form and function; they combine minimal materials with maximum of strength. The style took off and there were hairpin legs on everything. Hairpin legs were used on anything from dining room sets to birdcages. Hairpin legs really do go well on endless amounts of home furniture. We love seeing imagination bring these metal legs to unique projects.

hairpin leg lamp decor hairpin leg lamp

Hairpin legs on a lamp is a great example! This desktop-style lamp from Amsterdam Modern utilizes three light hairpin legs as its support system. Brilliant! Our hairpin legs are designed with a plate at the top for easy attachment to the underside of things like tables and desks but don’t let that dampen your imagination. Different designs and lighter materials mean anything can have the attractive hairpin leg look.

The shorter hairpin legs used on this lamp is a great example of the importance of different sized legs. Our 4-inch hairpin legs can easily support larger or smaller projects. They work well on large pieces of furniture like a bureau. They can also be used on something small like a footstool…or lamp. We love seeing what types of hairpin leg projects folks come up with. Send us a picture of your next project!

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Hairpin Legs: To Color or Not to Color?

green hairpin legs

Should I color my hairpin legs? It’s a question we’re often asked. For the most part, that answer depends on you. If you’re wondering about the durability of the hairpin legs, worry not. Our hair pin legs are made of thick durable steel. They do not need to be treated in any way and will still live long healthy lives supporting your furniture. But you are certainly welcome to add a finish if you want.

pine table with hairpin legsFinishing your hairpin legs will keep them looking just the way you want them, especially if you’re using them in a high moisture environment like the back porch. But treating hairpin legs does not necessarily mean coloring them. Treatments can be clear or otherwise maintain the original steel color of the legs. Adding color is one of the many ways hairpin legs can be treated. Coloring them protects the hairpin legs while simultaneously adding a new dimension to the furniture. Color can bring out otherwise hidden colors, add a new color to the environment, or act as a unifying agent.

We’ve seen customers match the color of their hairpin legs to a swath of color on the furniture’s tabletop, for example. But maybe you’re not ready to take the plunge and add a lot of color to your hairpin leg furniture. Ryan has the perfect solution – he colored only part of his hairpin legs! It’s a great solution. The color accent adds another facet to the furniture perfectly. Thanks for sharing Ryan! If you live anywhere near Burlinton, VT and you’d like to chat with Ryan about his furniture, drop him a note.

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How Easy is a Hairpin Leg Furniture Project?

carob tree coffee table with hairpin legs

Making a piece of hairpin leg furniture to suit your needs in your own home is endlessly rewarding. If the thought of making your own furniture seems overwhelming, you needn’t worry. It can be very easy and we’ll prove it! We engineered our hairpin legs to make sure it easy for you!

All you really need is the tabletop (benchtop, desktop, etc.), a set of hairpin legs, and a few screws to attach them. That’s it! Check out these simple yet elegant project customers have created. A tabletop can be quite easy to come by; many things make good tabletops.

The only requirement is that it is a solid surface. An old door, for example, is a great option. This can be anything from an old door at an antique store to a closet door your replacing in your home. One customer used an old wire reel for a hairpin leg table. You can use dimensional lumber from the hardware store. There’s something about combining wood with our hairpin legs that makes it into a beautiful table.

You don’t have to stick with our hairpin legs for that matter–any of our metal legs will do. We have a nice variety of hairpin legs from the original hairpin legs to our Just the Tip hairpin legs. But we also offer tapered angle iron legs and bench legs. Check out our many options to give you an idea what you want for your upcoming metal leg project! It really is that easy…modern furniture is all about simplicity!

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Michael’s Stools with Tapered Angle Iron Table Legs

Michael at Woodshed Production in Issaquah, WA has done it again! Here is another beautiful product – stools built with angle iron table legs. These stools are just beautiful. The variegated coloring of the wood is eye catching. The tapered angle iron legs are stable and bring a classic look. The long tapered angle of these legs is perfectly highlighted on a tall stool.

The addition of the cross bars on the legs makes a lot of sense. Not only do they add stability but it is nice to have the option to rest your feet on the crossbar of a stool. We offer our variety of styles and sizes of metal legs to be sure you can have the metal leg that is perfect for your project. The tapered angle iron legs Michael used for these stools are quite versatile.

Like our hairpin legs, the angle iron table legs work well on tables and desks as well as stools. We can build them in 4” – 30” heights to ensure there is a height that will fit your project. You may want a simple desk with just angle iron legs and a tabletop – perfect for the taller hairpin leg heights. Or if you’re looking to add smaller legs to a large-bodied desk, our shorter thicker table legs will work perfectly. Of course, if you don’t see the perfect style or size for you – just ask! We are always happy to entertain custom requests. Chances are we can come up with something that will work for you.