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Robert’s Slab Tables with Hairpin Legs

Making your own hairpin leg furniture is fun and rewarding. There are so many options when you start to consider tabletop styles, hairpin leg types, and finishing touches. Robert shared these slab tables with us and they are so fun! These three tables could be used in conjunction with each other, in different places in the same room, or in multiple rooms around the house.

Though they are quite similar, these three hairpin leg tables really point out a lot of options you can go with when choosing what you want for your own hairpin leg project. First you get to choose the number of hairpin legs to use. While many pieces are best supported with four hairpin legs, sometimes three legs are perfect! And for six hairpin legs Robert has three tables!

small slab tables with hairpin legs

Finish and color are other options you may want to consider for your upcoming DIY project. Our hairpin legs are all made of solid steel rod. That means they are durable! They can certainly take any wear and tear you throw at them even when left untreated. Many of our customers like the raw unfinished look of the steel itself. But you are certainly not limited to that. Keeping the metal legs in their original steel appearance or some other darker color creates the look of the legs blending into their surroundings. This is a nice touch especially when you want the tabletop itself highlighted; the legs play more of a supporting role (pun intended). Brighter and bolder colors will draw more attention the hairpin legs themselves.

In the middle table here, Robert added color to the legs as well as to the tabletop itself. This brings us to another option featured in these tables: tabletop color. Many a hairpin leg table have been made from simple wood tabletops. But adding color is always an option. That can be through painting the top, painting a portion of the top, using different materials than just wood alone, or by using space in the wood to add color. Making hairpin leg tables is always fun! These are just a few options you get when you make your own furniture. Thank you for sharing Robert, excellent job!