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Crystal’s DIY Project with Metal Bench Legs

There is more than one way to attach metal legs to your DIY furniture project. Working with wood can make the project easier, but you’ll still face some hardware questions. We’ve seen customers screw, bolt, or even glue our metal lets to their furniture tops. Crystal chose to use bolts and put them right through the top of the bench itself. This certainly ensures stability, but it also adds character and style to the bench. Nicely done, Crystal!

bench with tube steel bench legs and bolt thru top

We’re glad she was happy with the legs. Here’s what she had to say:

Legs even got here early! Easily stained a wood top and screwed it on. Saved 100’s!!!

We’re glad to hear it! Crystal makes a great point about saving money. Making your own furniture is fun and gives you a finished product customized to your home and your preferences, but it can also save you a ton of money.

You’ll save money by buying your hairpin legs or bench legs from a professional leg maker, but you can also save when you’re looking for wood for your DIY furniture project. Whether looking for a tabletop for a hairpin leg table or a bench top for benches like Crystal’s, there are lots of options. A local hardware store will have lumber easily transformed into a table or bench top. Local sawmills are also a great resource. Look around to see if you have one in your area. Often times they are able to make custom cuts for you and can be a great source for live edge wood. And of course reclaimed wood is always a great option. Whether sourcing pallets or repurposing wood from another life, reclaimed wood imparts its past life into your new piece. So check out our hairpin leg and bench leg options and send us a pic of the great projects you come up with!