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Brian’s Railroad Spike Coat Rack

You know we sell amazing metal legs such as our hairpin legs, tapered angle iron legs, and bench legs. But did you know we sell the hooks you need for railroad spike coat racks as well? We do! We love working in metal and our customers tell us how much they like the modern look of metal in their homes. The railroad coat hooks are a great way to make a durable lasting coat rack that looks great in your home.

railroad spike coat rack


Railroad spikes are the hardware that holds the rail track onto the wooden ties. Pretty solid, huh? So, we’re confident they are up to the task of holding up your coats for at least a lifetime. In fact, that’s why we’ve guaranteed them for a lifetime. If you’re thinking of putting a dent in these hooks, we’d like to see the coat you’re planning to hang on them. We sell these hooks by the piece so you can decide just how many work best for your project.

We most often see them on rough-sawn or reclaimed wood. What can we say, our customers know what looks great with the no-nonsense appearance of railroad spikes. Brian, of Sierra Road Creations put together this mirror coat rack. Why not enjoy the look of your entryway mirror as you check your look before heading out the door each day? The aged wood goes perfectly with the railroad spikes. The shiny screws Brian chose add a nice bit of contrast to the whole piece. Nicely done, Brian. Thanks for sharing!