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Jordan’s Ikea Hack with Teal Hairpin Legs

Jordan, who works on Ikea hacks when he’s not at his day job as a designer made this great media cabinet with an Ikea cabinet plus hairpin legs. Jordan said it was time to think about closed storage as there was now a baby toddling around the house. This was an inexpensive way to create a stylish cabinet that kept everything (and everyone) safe.

Typically, hairpin legs are screwed into the underside of the main furniture. Jordan went with bolts. This is a great idea when the body of the furniture is made of thinner material than something such as a wooden slab. Another great addition is the hole in the back for the media wires. The wires are kept neatly in a wire molding between the cabinet and the television. It is hardly visible at first glance. This is neat and tidy while keeping everything away from little hands. One more baby-friendly feature was added to the interior. Child locks were added inside to keep the doors from being accidently opened while maintaining a sleek exterior.

We like the color added to the hairpin legs as well. Teal is a nice contrast to the surrounding white. Baby or not, this cabinet is a great way to keep all of the media equipment in one location while maintaining visual appeal. Jordan’s table certainly shows us how many options hairpin legs present. Perhaps creating an entire piece of furniture is not the option for you right now. Pre-made furniture can be easily enhanced with a set of hairpin legs. This certainly produced an engaging cabinet. Nicely done, Jordan, thanks for sharing!