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Bastogne Walnut Table with Custom Metal Bench Legs

Bastogne walnut is a type of walnut wood originating from a hybrid of the black and English walnuts. Though the trees produce few walnuts, the wood grows faster and stronger than either of its parents – thus its other name, Paradox Walnut. It is often used for making gun stocks as the hard wood and closed pores can absorb shock without damage. As you can see it makes a beautiful piece of furniture as well!

bastogne walnut table with custom bench legs

Mike at Wood Shed Production in Issaquah, WA made this beautiful console table. Mike requested a set of custom metal bench legs for this table. What’s the difference between made to order metal legs and custom made metal legs? All of the hairpin legs and bench legs we offer on our website are made to order – we make each pair just for you and they can take into account any of the needs your project may have.

The metal bench legs we offer are available in two styles – flat bar and tube steel. Both are available in 15-inches tall, the standard bench height. But what if you really want something that varies from our array of metal legs? That is where custom metal legs come in. If you have a project that you think would work best with a custom made set of metal legs, just let us know. Chances are, if it’s made of metal, we can make it! That is how Mike got these metal legs for this console table. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll let you know what we can come up with!