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Workstation & Bench Support Legs

I have mentioned it on here before, but one of the most inspiring thing about Modern Legs is the creativity that our customers amaze us with on a daily basis.

Check out this workstation built by Chris. He utilized a butcher block table top and a custom set of our Bench Legs to create a very comfortable work space. What’s more, he’s leaning towards doing something similar in the kitchen.

Thanks for sharing Chris!
Happy Friday everyone – enjoy the rest of the photos.




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Three Bar Hairpin Legs

We’re excited to announce that after many requests, we are about ready to roll out our newest product, three bar hairpin legs. Our new 3 bar hairpin legs will be made out of the same quality materials and with the same craftsmanship that we use for our original hairpin legs and sizes will be consistent as well.

3 rod hairpin legs

We should get these up on the site over the weekend, so check back Monday! TGIF!

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Legs…and Dogs.

There is something very satisfying about building something. I think that there’s a desire in each of us to create. The kindling of that desire is one of the things that we appreciate the most about Modern Legs. Not only to we get to flex our own creative muscle each time we build a new set of table legs or brainstorm a new product but we are continually inspired by our amazing customers and the things they create with our legs.

It’s a wonderful cycle of creativity and inspiration.

Look at these photos we just got of a new bench built with our original hair pin table legs. We think it turned out pretty grand. Looks like we’re not the only one, that furry guy looks pretty pleased with the new creation as well.


We love getting customer photos, send us yours now.

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Desk Legs?

Desk LegsAll too often, we pigeon-hole ideas, people or products into certain categories to only later, either through talking with someone else or through some kind “ah ha” moment, to realize that our idea should be so much broader. This has certainly happened to me recently. When we started Modern Legs I thought of it as a company that made hairpin table legs here in the USA. Certainly we ARE that, BUT as our clever customers have shown us by sending us photos of their projects, we’re more than just table legs.

We’re desk legs.
We’re chair legs.
We’re stool legs, kitchen island legs and coffee table legs.
We’re also bench legs.

I bet you keep surprising us. I doubt we’re just desk legs either. Share your photos of the projects you create today.

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Just The Tip.

hairpin legs with feet

We continually strive to make our products better and offer more variation on our products. This innovation led us to our latest product we like to call “Just the Tip”. The slight bend at the end of our Just the Tip legs creates a very stable hairpin leg. These are great for children’s desks and offer a unique twist on the favorite hairpin leg.

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New Products Coming Soon

We’ve been hard at work innovating new products. A good session at the forge last week led us to a new style of leg. We’re calling these angle iron tapered legs and they should be available up in the shop later on this week. We hope you all love them as much as we do.

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Satisfied Customers…

There’s not much more rewarding than seeing your products out in the world. We are continually amazed at the creations that our legs become a part of and we absolutely love getting customer photos. Look at this bench from Gail. She used our Original Hairpin Legs to create this very cushy bench.

The bench is finally complete.
Looks great, doesn’t it?
I hope you like the pictures.

Thanks for your part,


Thanks for sharing Gail!

cushion-top-bench-with-hairpin-bench-legs cushion-top-bench-with-hairpin-legs