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Keith’s 3 Rod Hairpin Legs on Melamine

3 rod hairpin leg triangle table closeup

There are so many ways to go about choosing which style of hairpin legs you want to use for your home furniture project. Sometimes the intended use of the furniture is the key factor. The shape of the piece you’re working on may dictate which metal legs will best fit.

3-rod hairpin leg triangle table

Keith knew our three rod metal legs would best fit this project as the goal was to keep things in threes. Here was Keith’s motivation:

Moving into a small apartment with only myself and two young daughters, I focused on the idea of 3: 3 people, 3 legs and a 3-sided table. So I ordered only 3 legs from you and cut a piece of affordable melamine into the shape of a triangle so each of us would face one another. The melamine is ideal for them to do art projects on. Thanks for the great legs.

This table came out great, Keith! It is a great point to keep in mind that there are many options for tabletops. We often think of wood because it is easy to find and hairpin legs are extremely useful when rebuilding or refinishing a table.

Keith’s melamine table is a great option too. The light color of the table and unobtrusive nature of the hairpin legs nicely compliments the darker aspects of the apartment. And as Keith points out, the number of metal legs used on your project will vary depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. Three legs were perfect for this project! Thanks for sharing Keith – we can tell there will be many fun afternoons at this table!

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Magnificent Entryway Table with Metal Legs by Bruce

tapered angle iron legs

Entryway tables are highly functional and lately we’ve seen a rise in the number customers who are making them. Often our hairpin legs are used to make a longer and thinner table that accommodates entryway spaces and provides a great location to place belongings upon entering and exiting the house, but Bruce decided to use our tapered angle iron legs, and we can’t argue with the results.

marble top entryway table with tapered angle iron legs

This entryway table Bruce made is just magnificent! It has a beautiful marble top as well as storage underneath with beautiful cabinet doors. The tapered angle iron legs go perfectly with it. This style of metal table legs offers a more structured look to the finished piece and they are very popular with our customers.

Just like our hairpin legs and metal bench legs all of our tapered angle iron legs are made to order and manufactured here in Colorado. If you have something special in mind let us know what you’re thinking of and we’re confident we can help you build a custom solution that ensures your finished piece is exactly what you had in mind.


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Railroad Spike Art as a Unique Wall Mounted Coat Rack

railroad spike art coat rack

Most people know us for our hairpin legs and bench legs – and most of our work is metal legs, but we’ve been known to do some fun custom metal work for our customers as well.

railroad spike wall mounted coat rack

Take Karen’s coat rack for example. She wanted something unique and contacted us with her idea. The bent railroad spikes were a perfect finishing touch for for Karen’s wall mounted coat rack design. She mounted them on a beautiful slab of wood that really highlights so much of what is beautiful about wood. The rings, wood grain and the live edge of the wood are all present here.

The dark metal of the railroad spikes contrasts nicely with the light colored wood and highlight the darker edge as well. If you’re looking for custom metal work, contact us to let us know what you’ve got in mind. From table frames to Karen’s railroad spikes we’ve made components for all kinds of projects.

We’re always curious to hear what our customers have in mind and if it’s made of metal, we can make it. Have a look through the blog to see some of our past projects and before you know it you’ll have your own custom piece!



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Sofa Table with Custom Metal Bench Legs

Sofa tables! There are so many ways to add a small piece of furniture to the home that makes a big impact. We think the sofa table is high on that list. What a great use of space to provide additional functional space while using the couch. In almost any configuration, a couch table provides space to put drinks, reading materials, and anything else you may be using while on the couch—or want out of your pockets while you relax. Another great feature is that the table is accessible no matter where you are on the couch – not just from each end as with end tables.

sofa table with custom metal table legs

This sofa table was made by Benjamin who says, “[the legs] look great. I will definitely keep coming to you guys for future orders.” Benjamin used our flat bar bench legs –one of two styles of bench legs we offer–to make this great table. We offer hairpin legs and bench legs in a variety of heights and diameters, but Benjamin knew exactly what he wanted to build, so he got in touch about a custom set of legs. We welcome custom orders so check out or standard offerings and contact us if you have something else in mind. Thanks Benjamin for sending us a picture of this table, we’re sure we’ll see more sofa tables in the future!

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Bench Leg Storage Furniture

storage table with custom metal bench legs

Metal bench legs are great for benches of all styles. But they are great for so many other uses as well. Bench legs differ from our standard hairpin table legs in that they offer lots of surface area, meaning that most projects need two legs instead of four. Bench legs are designed to hold up a substantial amount of weight as benches typically hold up well, us. They also tend to hold really substantial furniture as well, like entertainment consoles, reclaimed post furniture and long tables. But just like our hairpin legs, if a table or finished piece of furniture is long enough, we can always add another leg for added stability.

storage table with custom metal bench legs

Here is a smart piece of furniture made by Anthony and Alanna using our flat bar bench legs. One of the best things about DIY furniture is that it is all unique. This piece of furniture goes to show how many uses metal legs can perform. This storage table has so many possibilities. With space both on top and underneath it gives so many options to the user – from entryway table to entertainment center this piece may get moved every few years, but it will keep getting put to use! On the lower shelves you can see where the bench legs were attached – they chose to keep those metal ends exposed which highlights the rustic look of the legs and adds depth to the second shelf. Congrats to Anthony and Alanna. We love the finished piece of bench leg furniture!

If you have a piece you’re just about done with, send us a picture, we’re proud to share our customer creations on the blog.

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Pallet Tables with Hairpin Legs

pallet wood coffee table with hairpin legs

Pallets are one of the best resources for DIY furniture. They are easy to come by, cheap and are made with surprisingly nice wood like oak, cherry or maple. The wood can be minimally finished for a rough-cut look or planed and sanded for a more refined and finished tabletop.

pallet coffee table with hairpin legs

The style of table you build from pallet wood can be anything from a simple tabletop–which can be completed in an hour or two–to a more elaborate double-layered offering with a little bit of storage built into the table. The pallet can be completely dismantled or the original shape of the pallet can be preserved and used as a starting point for a table.

Straight from the warehouse pallets have a gap built into the design that can easily be utilized to create a storage area and the variations in wood used for pallets imparts a nice unique look to each piece. Pallets are usually free from businesses that receive deliveries on them, so if you’re interested, ask around. Trying out a pallet design could cost you nothing more than a little time.

To get you started, here are a few pallet table designs using classic hairpin legs for support. Hairpin legs match the quick-and-easy appeal of pallets, but if you have something more complex in mind, get in touch. We’re happy to make custom legs for any project. If you’d like to see a few more pallet designs to get started, have a look at the 99 Pallets site. Today’s examples came from their extensive collection of finished pieces.

Good luck on your next DIY furniture project and send us a picture when it’s complete!

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Paul’s Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

coffee table with hairpin legs

Paul’s hairpin leg coffee table is a great example of what metal hairpin legs can create. His gorgeous coffee table was nicely pieced together and finished off with a set of classic hairpin legs. There are many options on how to create a tabletop resulting in a beautiful and functional table.

Paul has pieced together three different boards to create a finished table. The pieces are held together with the end pieces that stabilize the table as well as tying it together aesthetically with the hairpin legs affixed to the underside of the table. Another option would be to use boards or metal connectors on the underside to connect the three top boards, but on this particular table the end pieces nicely tie it all together. The exposed screws are neatly placed continuing with the orderly overall appearance of the table while giving it a bit of a rustic look by seeing the screw heads in the wood.

Paul chose the classic style of hairpin legs for this table, which is in keeping with the timeless look of the piece. A big ‘thank you’ to Paul for sending us pictures of your well-crafted coffee table, and great use of hairpin legs! If you live near Charlotte, NC keep an eye out on Craigslist where Paul sells his tables. And send us a picture of your creation when you’re finished!

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Metal Bench Legs for Indoor Benches

tube steel bench legs

Benches are the perfect blend of function and simplicity in a single piece of furniture. When making furniture choices for the home, many of us immediately think of chairs and couches…but let’s take a moment to consider what benches have to offer.

Benches are solid enough to hold us while we’re sitting, but they are also slimmer and less cumbersome than chairs, meaning that they store under a table or along a wall much better than chairs. Plus, they are used for much more than just a place to sit for a moment or two. Benches are often used as additional table space when entertaining or simply running short of horizontal space. And yes, they are always a great place to sit – often for multiple people.

Pulling a bench up to the kitchen table, around the fireplace in the living room, or to a desk when working on a project, benches bring something to a room that having six chairs around a table doesn’t. The metal bench legs we make come in two sturdy styles – flat steel and tube steel. Both are built to effortlessly hold up the weight a bench is intended to hold. If you’re planning on using a nice thick piece of wood for the top of your bench, you can probably use two bench legs…one at each end. If you’re going to attach them to a thinner board or you’re making a nice long bench, adding a third bench leg in the middle is probably a good idea. If you’re not sure how to finish an upcoming project with bench legs, get in touch…we’d be happy to help you decide. And if you’re currently decorating or redecorating…consider what a bench with metal legs has to offer!

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Hairpin Legs and The Perfect Coffee Table

hairpin legs with feet

Wishing for the perfect coffee table to compliment your couch? Trying to find the perfect centerpiece for your living room?

Metal hairpin legs make the best coffee tables! Why? We think it’s the perfect combination of functionality and durability. They function perfectly and bring style to any table design. Think about the coffee tables you’ve seen recently. Chances are the tabletop comes to mind before the legs or underside. And this is why hairpin legs do the job perfectly – they can be counted on to endlessly perform, but they don’t steal the show from the surface the owner chose to feature. Having a beautiful and functional tabletop makes the coffee table useful, but having sturdy solid legs that hang in there and hold it up forever is what a great table is all about. Rest assured that once you put together your perfect coffee table, our metal legs will be there to highlight its best features.

bryans tree section coffee table with hairpin legs

Here is a great example of the durability of our metal hairpin legs. As you can see these legs are thick steel and solidly hold the table together. The Just the Tip hairpin legs add a nice rounded end to the classic hairpin leg shape; this adds durability to the legs and a variation in shape. The rounded “feet” of these hairpin legs nicely compliment the round table. This table is actually a cross section of wood showing the whole tree’s size and dimensions. Bryan described the build by saying,

Attached a set of hairpin legs to this natural wood slab top. Love how the 2 materials come together and I love how strong it is. you can sit on it, stand on it, anything, and it doesn’t budge. Love it thanks a lot!

Thanks for sharing Bryan, we know the table will last as long as you need it to!

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Entryway Table with Hairpin Table Legs

cedar entryway table with hairpin table legs

One of the table styles we’ve seen more of lately are entryway tables using hairpin legs and we can see why! Besides your own butler, there’s nothing quite as hospitable as walking into your own home and having a welcoming entryway table ready to hold everything you have in your arms and pockets. An entryway table is typically tall and narrow…built to help with entering and leaving the house, as well as providing a good way to organize some of your belongings. Entryway tables can fit into smaller spaces while maintaining a useful height for unloading your arms or providing a place for outgoing items to stay temporarily.

A well placed table lamp is a common finishing touch…something to leave on when you’re coming and going after sunset. So think about what would work best for you, come up with the tabletop you’ll look forward to seeing each time you enter and leave your house, and we’ll provide the legs to match! We offer hairpin legs all the way up to 30” so you can get the height you want for any table project.

The entryway table featured in today’s post was made by Brendan in Seattle. He combined a lovely piece of cedar—which is native to the Pacific Northwest—with some tall hairpin table legs for a wonderful finished piece. Get in touch with Brendan if you like the look of his tables and want to commission a finished piece.

For those of you who are DIY minded, mark a spot in your entryway with masking tape to decide if you’d like a table there to come home to. If you like the idea, get in touch and we can help you with the best metal table legs for the job.