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Keith’s 3 Rod Hairpin Legs on Melamine

3 rod hairpin leg triangle table closeup

There are so many ways to go about choosing which style of hairpin legs you want to use for your home furniture project. Sometimes the intended use of the furniture is the key factor. The shape of the piece you’re working on may dictate which metal legs will best fit.

3-rod hairpin leg triangle table

Keith knew our three rod metal legs would best fit this project as the goal was to keep things in threes. Here was Keith’s motivation:

Moving into a small apartment with only myself and two young daughters, I focused on the idea of 3: 3 people, 3 legs and a 3-sided table. So I ordered only 3 legs from you and cut a piece of affordable melamine into the shape of a triangle so each of us would face one another. The melamine is ideal for them to do art projects on. Thanks for the great legs.

This table came out great, Keith! It is a great point to keep in mind that there are many options for tabletops. We often think of wood because it is easy to find and hairpin legs are extremely useful when rebuilding or refinishing a table.

Keith’s melamine table is a great option too. The light color of the table and unobtrusive nature of the hairpin legs nicely compliments the darker aspects of the apartment. And as Keith points out, the number of metal legs used on your project will vary depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. Three legs were perfect for this project! Thanks for sharing Keith – we can tell there will be many fun afternoons at this table!