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Magnificent Entryway Table with Metal Legs by Bruce

tapered angle iron legs

Entryway tables are highly functional and lately we’ve seen a rise in the number customers who are making them. Often our hairpin legs are used to make a longer and thinner table that accommodates entryway spaces and provides a great location to place belongings upon entering and exiting the house, but Bruce decided to use our tapered angle iron legs, and we can’t argue with the results.

marble top entryway table with tapered angle iron legs

This entryway table Bruce made is just magnificent! It has a beautiful marble top as well as storage underneath with beautiful cabinet doors. The tapered angle iron legs go perfectly with it. This style of metal table legs offers a more structured look to the finished piece and they are very popular with our customers.

Just like our hairpin legs and metal bench legs all of our tapered angle iron legs are made to order and manufactured here in Colorado. If you have something special in mind let us know what you’re thinking of and we’re confident we can help you build a custom solution that ensures your finished piece is exactly what you had in mind.