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Metal Bench Legs for Indoor Benches

tube steel bench legs

Benches are the perfect blend of function and simplicity in a single piece of furniture. When making furniture choices for the home, many of us immediately think of chairs and couches…but let’s take a moment to consider what benches have to offer.

Benches are solid enough to hold us while we’re sitting, but they are also slimmer and less cumbersome than chairs, meaning that they store under a table or along a wall much better than chairs. Plus, they are used for much more than just a place to sit for a moment or two. Benches are often used as additional table space when entertaining or simply running short of horizontal space. And yes, they are always a great place to sit – often for multiple people.

Pulling a bench up to the kitchen table, around the fireplace in the living room, or to a desk when working on a project, benches bring something to a room that having six chairs around a table doesn’t. The metal bench legs we make come in two sturdy styles – flat steel and tube steel. Both are built to effortlessly hold up the weight a bench is intended to hold. If you’re planning on using a nice thick piece of wood for the top of your bench, you can probably use two bench legs…one at each end. If you’re going to attach them to a thinner board or you’re making a nice long bench, adding a third bench leg in the middle is probably a good idea. If you’re not sure how to finish an upcoming project with bench legs, get in touch…we’d be happy to help you decide. And if you’re currently decorating or redecorating…consider what a bench with metal legs has to offer!