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Pallet Tables with Hairpin Legs

pallet wood coffee table with hairpin legs

Pallets are one of the best resources for DIY furniture. They are easy to come by, cheap and are made with surprisingly nice wood like oak, cherry or maple. The wood can be minimally finished for a rough-cut look or planed and sanded for a more refined and finished tabletop.

pallet coffee table with hairpin legs

The style of table you build from pallet wood can be anything from a simple tabletop–which can be completed in an hour or two–to a more elaborate double-layered offering with a little bit of storage built into the table. The pallet can be completely dismantled or the original shape of the pallet can be preserved and used as a starting point for a table.

Straight from the warehouse pallets have a gap built into the design that can easily be utilized to create a storage area and the variations in wood used for pallets imparts a nice unique look to each piece. Pallets are usually free from businesses that receive deliveries on them, so if you’re interested, ask around. Trying out a pallet design could cost you nothing more than a little time.

To get you started, here are a few pallet table designs using classic hairpin legs for support. Hairpin legs match the quick-and-easy appeal of pallets, but if you have something more complex in mind, get in touch. We’re happy to make custom legs for any project. If you’d like to see a few more pallet designs to get started, have a look at the 99 Pallets site. Today’s examples came from their extensive collection of finished pieces.

Good luck on your next DIY furniture project and send us a picture when it’s complete!