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Paul’s Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

coffee table with hairpin legs

Paul’s hairpin leg coffee table is a great example of what metal hairpin legs can create. His gorgeous coffee table was nicely pieced together and finished off with a set of classic hairpin legs. There are many options on how to create a tabletop resulting in a beautiful and functional table.

Paul has pieced together three different boards to create a finished table. The pieces are held together with the end pieces that stabilize the table as well as tying it together aesthetically with the hairpin legs affixed to the underside of the table. Another option would be to use boards or metal connectors on the underside to connect the three top boards, but on this particular table the end pieces nicely tie it all together. The exposed screws are neatly placed continuing with the orderly overall appearance of the table while giving it a bit of a rustic look by seeing the screw heads in the wood.

Paul chose the classic style of hairpin legs for this table, which is in keeping with the timeless look of the piece. A big ‘thank you’ to Paul for sending us pictures of your well-crafted coffee table, and great use of hairpin legs! If you live near Charlotte, NC keep an eye out on Craigslist where Paul sells his tables. And send us a picture of your creation when you’re finished!