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Hairpin Legs and The Perfect Coffee Table

hairpin legs with feet

Wishing for the perfect coffee table to compliment your couch? Trying to find the perfect centerpiece for your living room?

Metal hairpin legs make the best coffee tables! Why? We think it’s the perfect combination of functionality and durability. They function perfectly and bring style to any table design. Think about the coffee tables you’ve seen recently. Chances are the tabletop comes to mind before the legs or underside. And this is why hairpin legs do the job perfectly – they can be counted on to endlessly perform, but they don’t steal the show from the surface the owner chose to feature. Having a beautiful and functional tabletop makes the coffee table useful, but having sturdy solid legs that hang in there and hold it up forever is what a great table is all about. Rest assured that once you put together your perfect coffee table, our metal legs will be there to highlight its best features.

bryans tree section coffee table with hairpin legs

Here is a great example of the durability of our metal hairpin legs. As you can see these legs are thick steel and solidly hold the table together. The Just the Tip hairpin legs add a nice rounded end to the classic hairpin leg shape; this adds durability to the legs and a variation in shape. The rounded “feet” of these hairpin legs nicely compliment the round table. This table is actually a cross section of wood showing the whole tree’s size and dimensions. Bryan described the build by saying,

Attached a set of hairpin legs to this natural wood slab top. Love how the 2 materials come together and I love how strong it is. you can sit on it, stand on it, anything, and it doesn’t budge. Love it thanks a lot!

Thanks for sharing Bryan, we know the table will last as long as you need it to!