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Entryway Table with Hairpin Table Legs

cedar entryway table with hairpin table legs

One of the table styles we’ve seen more of lately are entryway tables using hairpin legs and we can see why! Besides your own butler, there’s nothing quite as hospitable as walking into your own home and having a welcoming entryway table ready to hold everything you have in your arms and pockets. An entryway table is typically tall and narrow…built to help with entering and leaving the house, as well as providing a good way to organize some of your belongings. Entryway tables can fit into smaller spaces while maintaining a useful height for unloading your arms or providing a place for outgoing items to stay temporarily.

A well placed table lamp is a common finishing touch…something to leave on when you’re coming and going after sunset. So think about what would work best for you, come up with the tabletop you’ll look forward to seeing each time you enter and leave your house, and we’ll provide the legs to match! We offer hairpin legs all the way up to 30” so you can get the height you want for any table project.

The entryway table featured in today’s post was made by Brendan in Seattle. He combined a lovely piece of cedar—which is native to the Pacific Northwest—with some tall hairpin table legs for a wonderful finished piece. Get in touch with Brendan if you like the look of his tables and want to commission a finished piece.

For those of you who are DIY minded, mark a spot in your entryway with masking tape to decide if you’d like a table there to come home to. If you like the idea, get in touch and we can help you with the best metal table legs for the job.