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Bench Leg Storage Furniture

storage table with custom metal bench legs

Metal bench legs are great for benches of all styles. But they are great for so many other uses as well. Bench legs differ from our standard hairpin table legs in that they offer lots of surface area, meaning that most projects need two legs instead of four. Bench legs are designed to hold up a substantial amount of weight as benches typically hold up well, us. They also tend to hold really substantial furniture as well, like entertainment consoles, reclaimed post furniture and long tables. But just like our hairpin legs, if a table or finished piece of furniture is long enough, we can always add another leg for added stability.

storage table with custom metal bench legs

Here is a smart piece of furniture made by Anthony and Alanna using our flat bar bench legs. One of the best things about DIY furniture is that it is all unique. This piece of furniture goes to show how many uses metal legs can perform. This storage table has so many possibilities. With space both on top and underneath it gives so many options to the user – from entryway table to entertainment center this piece may get moved every few years, but it will keep getting put to use! On the lower shelves you can see where the bench legs were attached – they chose to keep those metal ends exposed which highlights the rustic look of the legs and adds depth to the second shelf. Congrats to Anthony and Alanna. We love the finished piece of bench leg furniture!

If you have a piece you’re just about done with, send us a picture, we’re proud to share our customer creations on the blog.