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Wooden Bench with Rebar Hairpin Legs

hairpin leg bench

We love seeing what customers have built with our metal hairpin legs. Here is a beautiful bench Michael in LA made with our rebar hairpin legs. What a great combination! Michael did a great job with this bench. It is made with a beautiful solid piece of wood and the rebar hairpin legs are attached securely underneath. The rebar hairpin legs really compliment the rugged aspect of the wood. The wood itself is smooth and solid while showing the uniqueness of its individual character. The knots in the wood and slightly textured color are really complimented by the textured aspect of the rebar legs. There’s a reason rebar is used as a structural stabilizing agent in construction! This is going to be one solid bench!

diy bench with hairpin legs

Why use the rebar hairpin legs instead of the bench legs? Our metal hairpin legs are very durable and able to hold up a lot of use. So the look of this bench is unique to its parts and will do the job of a sturdy long-lasting bench! We’re sure this bench will be a great place to soak up some rays, take in a book, or enjoy a cool drink on a beautiful day. Thanks again for sharing, Michael!