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DIY Tables: Metal Table Frames and Hairpin Legs

custom metal frame desk

We got an great question recently: “Some tables have metal frames, do you make these?” Good question! Many customers use our hairpin legs and simply attach them to the underside of a wooden table top and voila! You’ve got a beautiful new table you made yourself. But there are circumstances where a metal frame is a good idea to support the tabletop. Or sometimes a customer would like a metal frame as part of the tabletop itself. We are happy to talk to customers about a custom metal table frames. Our many varieties of metal hairpin legs do a great job of supporting all kinds of tabletops. But there are situations where the tabletop itself requires more structure. Many tabletops are ready to attach your hairpin legs, but if your project needs that added stability, let us know how we can help. We are always happy to discuss custom orders and if it’s made of metal, chances are we can make it for you!

DSC_0901Take a look at Susi’s Bulletproof Table – it is made of two oak table leaves. Alone the leaves may not attach to each other in a way that would have lasting structure. So before adding the square bar hairpin legs, Susi had us build a custom metal table frame with holes for the screws included.

final-wood-under-glass-custom-metal-coffee-tableGarrett let us know exactly what would work for this ingenious tabletop and the finished product is this unique log end tabletop with the metal frame as part of the tabletop itself – and it’s covered with glass to finish it off. If you’re thinking of making a table with a tabletop that may not be as sturdy as you’d like then a metal table frame might be a good option for added stability. A metal substructure ensures that the tabletop isn’t the weak point in the table – and if hairpin legs are going to be the finishing touch, they won’t have to support both lateral and vertical weight.