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Matching Hairpin Leg Shape to Furniture Ideas

table with the twist hairpin legs

Wondering if different hairpin leg styles match different shapes of furniture? The answer is: yes and no. It depends on your preference, and you can both match the style of the legs to the table top, or contrast them.

round coffee table with hairpin legsOur metal hairpin legs come in different styles for form, function, and fun. Hairpin legs can be put on any table you want. One of the metal hairpin legs we offer is the Just the Tip hairpin leg. It is a variation on the classic hairpin leg where the tip of the leg is bent outward creating a semicircular tip as a table leg foot. That semi circle shape nicely compliments a round table, and it also gives a unique look to the legs and the piece overall.

Our new Achillis metal table leg is a very angular option. It is made of angle iron and secures both an upper and lower table surface creating a table with lots of square angles and storage options. Of course the classic hairpin leg has both straight and rounded lines to it as well. It can compliment a table with smoother lines such as a beveled or rounded edged table, or its rounded ends can contrast with the square angles of a classic rectangular table offering flattery through contrast.

“The Twist” Hairpin Leg offers the rounded end of a hairpin leg while adding a twist, literally, to the direction the leg takes between the tabletop and the floor. This ads yet another dimension to the shapes the hairpin leg offers and the shapes it can match and compliment in the table. All of our metal table legs are made to order so if there is a variation you’d like to see, shoot us a note, and we can let you know how we can work together to make your design come to life!