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Have Wobbly Table Legs? Our Bent Metal Hairpin Legs Can Help!

classic hairpin legs

A lot of customers approach us asking how to solve the problem of wobbly wooden table legs. Why does this occur? How can this be prevented? Unfortunately poor construction is often to blame for wobbly table legs. But sometimes heavy use – or even continuous routine use – can make wooden table legs wobble. In order to prevent table legs from getting wobbly they need to be a stable leg suited for the rigors of daily use, and they need to be properly attached to the tabletop. The bent hairpin table legs we offer are durable and long-lasting – and able to handle the demands of everyday use. The legs themselves are hand-constructed from a steel rod – sounds tough, huh? This makes them virtually indestructible. As you can see from the picture we just got from Cindy, hairpin legs offer a simple, sturdy solution to any table build.

diy barn board table with hairpin legs

The way they are attached to the table makes a big difference. Our legs are not attached to separate brackets that are then attached to the table – they are one solid unit made to be screwed directly into the tabletop itself. If you’re concerned about heavy loads you can also check out two bent hairpin table legs with extra stability built into the design: the Just the Tip legs and the 3 Rod hairpin legs. No matter which hairpin table legs you choose, we know they’ll go well with your tabletop and will support a multitude of uses for a long time to come. Send us a picture of your project when you’re finished!