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Are all Hairpin Legs Created Equal?

Choosing the right metal legs for your project is important. You want to be sure your finished piece will be strong and sturdy. Here are some tips to help you get the best product.


Who is selling the legs?

Is the seller the manufacturer or a retailer? If the seller is not involved in the manufacturing they may not be able to verify quality or answer specifics about manufacturing. Modern Legs sells their products themselves so each product is verified for quality.

Who makes the product?

Are products hand-made or machine manufactured? Is the product made in the USA or imported? Every set of metal legs we sell are hand made right here in the USA; every set of legs are made to order for every customer.

What are they made of?

What material is used to make the legs? Is it a strong material? The materials we use for all of our metal legs are sturdy and long-lasting. We offer a wide variety of metal legs from the original hairpin leg made of steel to a rebar hairpin leg to tube steel bench legs. Sounds durable, huh? We choose the appropriate material for each style of leg – just look at the tapered angle iron table legs and you’ll see what we mean.

What are the style offerings?

Having a piece of furniture look good is important. A good set of metal legs will compliment the other components and bring its own style to the mix. We offer a wide variety of styles from Just the Tip to a square bar hairpin leg. Or check out our modern twist (literally) on the hairpin classic – the twist hairpin leg.


All of these questions will help you determine what metal legs are best. Answers should be made clear by the seller of any product – but especially a component like legs that will support a larger structure. You’ll want the finished furniture to last a lifetime and give you peace of mind that you have used the best components possible.