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Choosing the Pieces for Your DIY Table Project

square bar hairpin legs

What makes a good tabletop for your do-it-yourself table project? How can you find the tabletop you’ll want to use and look at in your home or office? How do you know what are the best legs to complement the tabletop and give adequate support? Choosing the right table components ensures your happiness with the final creation and that it’s the right addition to the space where it will be used. What style of finished product are you looking for? Are you looking for something symmetrical, something that matches the existing décor, something functional? All of the above? Choosing the components wisely ensures you have a final product that meets all of your needs.


The tabletop can be an old door or retrofitted pallet if you want something with a rugged and rustic look. It can be a repurposed tabletop or butcher block, or it can be a piece whose emphasis is on the wood itself – a cross section of a tree, a refinished beam or barn board. Our metal hairpin legs – and bench supports – add a unique quality to a table. They have a stand-alone beauty with their simple lines and sturdy metal. But they also compliment and accent the tabletop itself. Choosing the perfect set of metal table legs ties all pieces of the table together. Once you’ve selected the components you’ll just need some wood screws to attach the legs. You’ll be pleased with your final piece and it will be pleasant to look at and use for years to come!