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Using Hairpin Legs Outdoors

closeup painted table with hairpin legs

We often get questions from customers asking if hairpin legs can be used outdoors. Yes, they can absolutely be used outdoors! Our metal hairpin legs are made from 100% steel. Therefore, they are durable and able to withstand a variety of conditions. Some customers choose to add a protective layer to their metal legs for use outdoors. Check out Aileen’s beautiful table made with our 3-rod hairpin legs; her table is a perfect example. The table itself is a beautiful herringbone design highlighting the natural wood. She has chosen to paint the hairpin legs to give them added color, fashion, and durability for use outdoors. The legs take on a whole new personality with the added color. Notice how the leg color is accented with a splash of color in the triangular table pieces.

patio-table-with-3-bar-hairpin-legs outdoor-patio-table-with-hairpin-legsHairpin legs work great on exterior tables. It makes the table less bulky than heavy wooden legs – very accommodating for moving furniture around as needed. The metal legs are also simple, clean and they leave more room for feet, kids and pets. Metal legs nicely match common outdoor furniture like the chairs used here. The metal frame of the chairs goes well with our metal hairpin table legs. Just imagine all the fun Aileen will be having this year with all that space around her hairpin table leg outdoor furniture! Great job Aileen – thanks for sharing!