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Metal Bench Legs Paired with Reclaimed Oak

reclaimed oak bench with metal bench legs

We love seeing what our customers create with our metal legs. This bench was made from reclaimed oak paired with our flat bar bench legs. We love the look of this beautiful and functional bench! Notice how different wood looks depending on which side you approach it from. One side is refined and smooth while the other maintains the rougher look of its previous life with markings still visible. Oak is a beautiful wood to work with as it is so strong and durable. The sturdiness of our bench legs paired with the strength of the oak eliminates the need for additional support legs on a bench such as this – even with the long span between the legs seen here.

reclaimed oak bench with metal bench legsOak’s durability adds to its unique look as it can be used to create furniture pieces other wood types cannot. The unique look of oak also has to do with its structure: it grows with large pores that are visible to the naked eye making it referred to as an open grained wood. This gives more variation in the wood and lends a coarser texture and more rugged look. Be sure to keep this in mind if you choose to refinish oak as sawdust from planning and especially sanding can get in the open grains while you work. It should be brushed off well before adding a finish to be sure it is the wood itself that is being finished and not sawdust particulate in the crevices. Whatever wood you choose to use, know that our bench legs will be strong and sturdy and complement any wood type. And send us a picture so we can see what great creation you have come up with!