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What Types of Floors Work with Hair Pin Legs?

All our hair pin legs are strong and sturdy. After all, they are made of metal! Some are made from round bar metal, some square bar metal, some are even made of rebar. We get questions from customers regarding their suitability for different floor materials and floor coverings. What floors do hair pin legs work best with? Hair pin legs work with any floor. The strong shape and simplicity of the hair pin leg goes well with those same features a wood floor portrays. The clean curve at the base of the leg nestles nicely with a rug or carpet and compliments the softness of floor coverings. Hair pin legs work with tile and other floor types as well. The type of floor and use for the furniture will determine how the legs and the floor should best interact. The deciding factor will be determined by your floor, the finish used, the use of the furniture containing the legs, and the amount of weight and motion that will go along with the furniture use. Use your best judgment to decide what feels most comfortable for you. But know that hairpin legs can be used with any floor type.

On hard floors with light use furniture, the metal of the hair pin leg will likely work well without floor protection. However, customers have let us know that with heavier use furniture on softer floors, they like using pads and protectors. There are lots on the market but customer feedback has indicated good experiences with Dura-Grip furniture leg pads. No matter what hairpin leg and floor type you’re combining, you’ll love your hairpin legs! And send us a picture when you’re done!