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Upholstered Bench Seating with Metal Bench Legs

cushioned bench with metal bench legs

There are plenty of ways to get creative with our metal hairpin legs. We see customers making their own wood tabletops and adding our hairpin legs to complete the table. But there are many people that use our metal legs to make benches as well. We offer two different styles of bench legs – flat bar bench legs and tube steel bench legs. These are heavy duty legs meant to handle the load of the added weight and motion of continual use. For a lighter use bench folks also successfully use our hairpin legs.

We’ve seen a great variety of beautiful wooden benches made with our bench legs, and our customers really enjoy the simple beauty of wood crafted into a rustic bench. But some of our customers have created beautifully upholstered benches as well.

redwood-benches-with-flat-bar-bench-legsleather upholstered hairpin leg bench

Upholstering your own bench can be as easy as picking out fabric that works for the furniture’s intended use (a heavier-duty fabric will add more durability for heavier use furniture). Simply adding fabric on top of wood will add color and texture to the wood while still maintaining the wood’s sturdy characteristics. Adding padding between the fabric and wood will make a more cushioned surface. Fabric supply stores will offer both the fabric as well as the cushioning. There are also pre-made cushion tops that can be attached to the bench – and removed later if needed. There are many bench options – they look beautiful with natural wood, a fabric accent, or a padded seat. Let us know what you come up with…we love sharing your designs as inspiration!