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Jerrod’s Entryway Table with ‘Twist’ Hairpin Legs

slim entryway table with hairpin table legs

Although our classic hairpin legs closely resemble the turn-of-the-century classic and are perhaps our most popular, we offer a variety of other styles of hairpin legs. The Twist hairpin leg is one such variation on the original. If you’ll pardon the pun, these legs are a twist on our original hairpin leg – literally.

Jerrod has taken a set of our Twist hairpin legs and turned them into a beautiful table. This beautiful table uses the light color of the wood and nicely contrasts the darker steel of the metal legs. Our hairpin legs come in a variety of heights…Jerrod chose to use a taller size to build this table. This style of table–both taller and thinner than average– makes a great side table, entryway table, or hallway table as it is convenient for grabbing keys or hats while you enter or leave a room and it is tall enough to offer usable space underneath.

diy entryway table with hairpin legs entryway table with hairpin legs

Thinking about the placement and use of your table will help you determine the type of table top you will want as well as the type of finish you want to give your tabletop. Jerrod’s table has a smooth finish on the woodwork – even the edges are smoothed. The smooth edges are a good fit for an entryway table—they will ensure hands and clothing won’t get snagged on the way–great for tables that will be in well traveled areas of a house. Thank you for sharing Jerrod, we love your table!