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Hairpin Legs as a Gift?

hairpin legs ready to ship

It’s easy to picture how you’d use your new metal hairpin legs for a piece of DIY furniture such as a new coffee table or dining room table in your own home, but what about the ideas your friends and family might come up with? If you know folks who would welcome a DIY home furniture projects or might have a design in mind, get them started with a set of hairpin legs or bench legs.

Versatility is one of the best aspects of our modern metal legs. From our bench legs to our variety of hairpin legs, they can be used for pretty much anything you (or a friend) can dream up. The solid steel rod from which our hairpin legs are made affords a sleek simple line to a piece of furniture that goes well in a finely decorated residence. Try the classic hairpin leg or the modern twist for the most stylish look. At the same time the dark nature of the metal contrasts well with the wood used for a tabletop and gives a rugged look that goes well in a more rustic environment. The rebar and square bar hairpin look lend themselves nicely to more pastoral surroundings. And not matter what legs you choose to give, you can be sure that all of our metal legs will create a solid support structure for a table you can actually use!

Just let us know where you want the legs to go during the ordering process and we’ll take care of the rest!