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Bent Hairpin Table Legs – What Do They Go With?

hairpin legs with feet

Looking for a do-it-yourself furniture project with components that will blend the design aspects in your home? Bent hairpin table legs are a classic furniture style. The hairpin leg style originated at the turn of the century as a functional and fashionable option for furniture. They offer a classic look matching and complementing many interior design looks and come in enough different styles and materials to match any décor. The raw unfinished metal can subtly complement and support louder colors, textures, and materials in the home. They can also draw attention to themselves in a complementary setting with their clean lines and solid structure. The shape of the metal and the twist of the design all offer numerous choices to optimally combine styles and textures in the home.

hairpin legs ready to ship squarebarhairpintableleg2 rebarhairpintablelegsmain

Bent hairpin table legs can certainly blend with their surroundings or hold their own (literally as well as figuratively). Our numerous offerings ensure the right option for your design style. The original bent hairpin table leg comes in both our classic round bar, as well as our square bar hairpin table leg style. The square bar offers a slightly different look – adding an angular aspect to the rounded hairpin design. For a more textured look the rebar hairpin table leg is the go-to metal table leg. The twist hairpin legs offer a modern shape to the standard bent hairpin table leg. They infer a softer and more curved aspect to the furniture. All of our bent hairpin table legs come as a single unit that includes the bracket for attaching to the tabletop. You will find that our different hairpin table legs offerings will match and blend your home designs wonderfully. As always, we’re interested in seeing what our customers dream up, so be sure to send us a photo!