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Storing Hairpin Leg Furniture for the Season

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When the cooler weather hits some of us have the urge to tidy up outdoors and get ready for the winter—which is a good idea and could likely extend the life of your outdoor furniture. If you’ve enjoyed your hairpin leg furniture outdoors during the warmer seasons and are thinking about what to do with it for the cooler months, here are some helpful hints.

First and foremost, all of our metal legs – both hairpin legs and bench legs – are durable and long-lasting. If you are short on space or in an area that does not have a long cold season, you can definitely leave your furniture outdoors. Your hairpin legs will be just fine! You can always leave your outdoor furniture under cover right where it is as well…other than picking up covers, it’s a pretty simple solution.

metal banded rustic table with hairpin legs redwood-benches-with-flat-bar-bench-legs

The most ideal location to keep your furniture is a dry storage location – like a shed or garage that stays dry. A helpful tip to keep in mind however, is that the metal legs themselves are unlikely degrade over time. All of our metal legs are made of incredibly durable steel and are thick – 3/8 to ½ inch for the hairpin legs. What will most likely break down first are the wooden parts of the furniture, or the connection between the wood and the hairpin legs if not properly cared for.

If you love the look of unfinished outdoor furniture…you can leave it as is and just inspect it each year for wear from the elements. Repair any sign of damage before storing it and should be all ready to use again in the spring. Untreated wood will fare best under shelter. If you have treated furniture checking it for weather wear will also benefit it. Perhaps a quick layer of oil or sanding and refinishing will help it get through the winter in great shape. And if you’re really lucky, you already have hairpin leg furniture indoors too, so you won’t have to miss your patio furniture as you spend more time indoors!