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Hairpin Leg Desk Made with IKEA Butcher Block Countertop

hairpin leg desk with ikea countertop surface

A hairpin legs desk will certainly stand out in your home…as well as offer a long-lasting furniture solution. Our thin styled metal hairpin legs leave ample room for legs and chairs without compromising stability or durability. Here is a great piece made by Olivier. It’s a great showcase of what anyone can plan and create at home: a one-of-a-kind desk. Olivier stared with hairpin legs and added an IKEA countertop as the surface for his kid’s desk. Here is what Olivier had to say:

My wife really wanted hairpin legs. So the desk was built around it. The top is made out of a ‘butcher block’ kitchen counter, bought at IKEA and then stained antique oak.

What a great finished piece! The dark stain on the wood nicely complements the metal leg. Choosing a top that is not too deep makes it fit well in the hallway space while still providing plenty of desktop.

If you are interested in making your own desk you can order hairpin legs considered standard table or desk height which is 28 – 30 inches. Or if you use a table or desk whose height feels right that you’d like to mimic, measure the floor to tabletop height and you’ll know how long your hairpin legs need to be. We offer even sizes from 4 to 30 inches so you can order any height you need. You can even order varied height hairpin legs to put on a more traditional drawer-style desk.

Enjoy your new desk Olivier, and thanks for sharing!