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Autumn’s Benches with Tube Steel Metal Bench Legs

diy bench with metal bench legs

For many of us, Fall is a favorite time of year…the perfect time to finish up some around-the-house projects and spend some time in the back yard. This week we want to share the great benches Autumn made for her home. These are both great examples of DIY furniture using metal bench legs. As you can see they are two different sizes accommodating different uses – and accommodating different spaces.

diy wood bench with metal bench legs

The height of the taller bench makes an otherwise difficult to use space more usable. Covering the heating radiator protects people as well as the radiator and gives the space more functionality. The benches are quite similar and match each other while holding their own character at the same time. We offer two distinct styles of bench legs: tube steel bench legs and flat bar bench legs. Autumn chose tube steel bench legs for these two projects but both types of metal bench legs are great options.

Both types of metal bench legs come in the standard bench size: they are 15-inches tall with a tapered width standing 8-inches wide at the top and 12-inches wide at the bottom. The flat bar bench legs are made 1 ½-inch by ¼-inch unfinished raw steel. The tube steel bench legs are made from 1-inch by 2-inch rectangular steel tube. How did Autumn get two different bench heights if both of our bench legs come in the standard 15” height? You can order custom bench support sizes! Contact us with your project specifications and we’ll work with you to figure out what will work for your project!
Great job Autumn, thanks for sharing!