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Vintage Italian Marble Table with Hairpin Legs

We’ve seen a few stone hairpin leg tables before, but this one is unique. Buying a brand new Italian marble coffee table may cost a small fortune but making one or finding a vintage gem like this one brings the same quality at a fraction of the cost.

Here are a few works from Jack on the project:

[this is a] vintage salvaged oval Italian marble top from a circa 60s table and salvaged legs from another table. Legs were sanded down to bare metal and repainted.

Jack foresaw what a great combination metal legs would make with marble. Often oval tabletops like this one had elaborate wooden bases – that clearly didn’t last as long as the tabletop itself, but the hairpin legs he added are up to the challenge. Metal hairpin legs can take wear and tear just like a marble tabletop can.

Sanding and refinishing the legs as Jack did brings them back to life – they look as good as new! Keep your eyes open in old furniture stores for possible parts to salvage or keep an eye on Jack’s Etsy store.