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True Ethic’s Kilim Bench with Hairpin Legs

When you use your best wood to make a bench, it makes a lot of sense to highlight it by leaving it raw or with a simple clear coat. But upholstery allows you to use wood as a structural component and place the emphasis on the fabric. Fabric comes in many colors and patterns giving you an endless variety of options. You may also prefer the feel of a cushioned bench to sit on.


This particular kilim bench was made by the folks at True Ethic. The fabric is handwoven wool from Turkey. What better way to use a wonderful piece of fabric than in a piece of furniture than can last a lifetime? Taking into account the surroundings of the hairpin leg furniture may also be important. In this instance, the upholstered bench is in a setting with a lot of natural wood. A wood benchtop may not have stood out as much surrounded by similar material. In this setting the kilim bench really stands out.

With many varieties of hairpin legs on the market, you can find a modern metal leg option for any project. What will provide the finishing touch for your next project?