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1950s Hairpin Leg Mosaic Table

A very unique specimen, this mosaic tile hairpin leg table is an original. David at Marzipan Mummy says this table is a rescue dating back to the 1950’s. David’s table came from an artist family in New York State – and it is still in original condition. Hairpin leg furniture is enduring. Metal construction certainly sets them up for longevity.

This type of table can be made more than one way. By using a wood frame below and around the tiles, the builder has a surface to screw hairpin legs into. This type of table could also be created with a custom-made metal framing. The metal hairpin legs can be attached right to the metal framing adding additional stability. The mosaic could then be made right into the top. It is amazing how accommodating hairpin legs really are; the number of materials we see used in hairpin leg furniture is astounding.

Endlessly customizable, these tables allow you to create your own masterpiece. The salmon colored tiles of this table pop in contrast to the dark metal. If making your own, you can choose a mosaic color palate of similar or contrasting colors. The tiles are a nice addition to the dark look of the hairpin table legs. If you’re looking for a custom metal frame, let us know. We’d love to hear what you have in mind, and chances are we’ll be able to make it for you. What will people be saying about your hairpin leg creation half a century from now?