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Amazing Hairpin Leg Stool from Zara Home

We’re big fans of saying that hairpin leg use is only limited to your imagination. Hairpin legs originated at the turn of the century. After their initial introduction their use bloomed into many things. It was not uncommon to see hairpin legs on a lamp or even a birdcage. We love seeing original uses for hairpin legs. It reminds us of the hairpin leg’s origin.

The folks at Zara Home have this amazing hairpin leg stool. The whole piece is amazing. It is a perfect example of the synergistic relationship between a wooden surface and metal hairpin legs. They complement each other seamlessly.

The wood in this stool is eye catching for many reasons. First, its shape defies the norm of building flat and square. Wood is so frequently cut dimensionally; taken from a natural tree shape and given straight and square edges. This stool uses the adaptability of wood to its advantage, shaping it to create the best form for this application.

Secondly, the swirling grain of the wood can’t help but draw in the eye. This combination of rounded wood and swirling color patterns is enchanting. The hairpin legs highlight the art of the wood and give it the illusion of floating. We love this stool and think it serves as inspiration and motivation for all the ways hairpin legs can be used. Thinking of making something along these lines? We’d love to see what you come up with – send us a picture!