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Metal Bench Supports as Table Legs?

live edge desk with flat bar bench legs

Metal bench legs are a great way to make variable sized seating for both indoor and outdoor applications, but are bench legs used just for seating? Absolutely not! Bench legs serve many other functions as well – such as providing leg support at nearly any height for tables. Metal bench legs can be used on tables by themselves or as part of a set with matching bench seating. We think bench legs make great dining tables, end tables, desks, and much more, and we’ve included pictures of what other customers have done with their metal bench supports to show you just how versatile they are…but maybe you already have some plans in mind?


One of the great things about bench supports is the look of the finished product. You can see the clean and square lines they create. Not only are the legs strong and sturdy, but they look that way too. It is always nice to know your table will hold up to all of the uses you intend to use it for – while adding a clean, sturdy look to the furniture as well. Our metal bench legs are offered in two basic designs, although we’re always open to requests. The first is a flat bar bench leg that also has the appeal of an unfinished raw steel look. The second is the tube steel bench leg which is made of 1” by 2” rectangular steel. Pick out which style of legs will go best for your next project and send us a picture of what you’ve created when it’s finished. Bench legs allow you to create a look, feel and custom design quickly and easily.