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Upgrade An Existing Table with Hairpin Table Legs

Sometimes a facelift is all an existing piece of furniture needs to make us feel excited about it again. Refinishing a table, sanding down imperfections and dings, and adding a stylish new set of hairpin table legs will make any table shine again. If you have a bare wood table, or a table that has been oiled or stained, you can sand it down to your liking and then re-oil or stain it (or leave it bare wood again if that’s your preference). If the table has been varnished, removing the varnish to bare wood and then reapplying will give the best looking results. Sanding the top down will smooth out any imperfections that have been created through use. Then pick out what type of finish you’d like to use. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions during this process.

The next step is to add a new pair of hairpin table legs to complete the makeover! Just like finishes, there are lots of different types of hairpin table legs to choose from. For the classic modern hairpin table leg look there is the original hairpin leg. There are also 3 rod hairpin legs, square bar hairpin legs, “Just the Tip” hairpin legs, rebar hairpin legs, and ‘the Twist’ hairpin legs. With all the styles and lengths available, we know you’ll find the perfect set of legs for your project. All of the legs are made to order right here in the USA. So have fun and send us a picture when you’re done!