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Hairpin Table Legs and Storage

Hairpin table legs are easy and simple to use. They can easily be attached by you, –using little more than a screwdriver–to any piece of wood suitable for a tabletop. Our hairpin table legs are often used alone with the tabletop – just four legs and a top. But there are times when customers want storage to go along with their new table. If you’re having a hard time picturing that, take a look at the storage options some of our customers came up with!

Adding something as simple as a wire basket to the underside of a table can add a storage basket quickly and easily! Plus, our hairpin table legs do not have to be used exclusively for tables. So that gives you lots of options. Many types of furniture can utilize metal hairpin legs. We’ve had customers put metal hairpin legs on storage trunks and chests, for example. Take a look at the console Travis made with a short set of metal hairpin legs. There is a lot of storage available there as well as a flat surface on top for additional use. What types of hairpin table leg storage options have you thought up? Once you have a picture of your finished product we’d love to see it!