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What Can You Build with Metal Furniture Legs?

We offer a variety of metal hairpin legs as well as metal bench legs to satisfy a multitude of styles and preferences. The furniture you can make with metal legs is limited only to your imagination. you can make a stand alone piece or multiple pieces that either use matching or complimentary metal legs. Imagine a wonderful kitchen set with solid metal legs made to order just for you; you could have bench legs on the kitchen table and hairpin legs on the chairs or stools – or bench seats at the table with matching metal bench legs on the table.

Many pieces of furniture, as well as furniture sets, can accommodate metal legs. A living room set can include a coffee table with matching end tables or accent tables. A bedroom set can include a dresser or chest with short hairpin legs and bedside nightstands with hairpin legs – or a bench for sitting while changing in your bedroom or walk-in closet. Previous customers have used our hairpin legs and bench legs for tables, chairs, benches, trunks or chests, end tables, desks, outdoor furniture pieces, storage pieces, and more. What makes metal hairpin legs great is their versatility – as you can see by past customer’s unending innovations. If it is made of wood, chances are there is a way to add a set of hairpin legs or bench legs to it. Every set of our bench legs or hairpin legs are made to order of 100% recyclable steel right here in the USA. So get your creative juices flowing and send us a picture of your beautiful creation!